How do I book a dog with Delta Cargo?

How do I book a dog with Delta Cargo?

Contact 1-800-352-2746 for the hours of operation. We recommend you arrive to check-in your pet using the following schedule. These check-in times will allow sufficient time for cargo agents to complete all inspections and acceptance procedures.

What is Delta cargo direct?

“This new website provides complete end-to-end digital booking, acceptance and tracking, 24/7, on laptops and mobile devices anywhere in the globe,” said Shawn Cole, Delta’s Vice President – Cargo.

How do I pay my Delta cargo?

To use the system, customers must first register via the PayCargo website. Customers will then receive updated charges information and efficiently process payments due at the destination. Once payment is made, Delta Cargo is notified in real-time to process the shipment and expedite shipment release.

Can you add a pet to Delta online?

You can book domestic pet travel by using Delta’s online booking system or by contacting 1-800-352-2746. As mentioned previously, if you’re booking internationally, you will be required to work with an IPATA member.

Who can use Delta cargo?

How can I ship with Delta Cargo? Unless you are shipping a live animal or document weighing less than 16 oz., your business must be registered as a TSA-approved Known Shipper to ship with Delta Cargo.

Can individuals use Delta cargo?

The newly redesigned website allows individuals without a Delta Cargo account to conveniently book pets and other live animals online throughout the world. The site makes it easy to submit electronic Air Waybills, a global initiative in which Delta is an industry leader.

Does Delta have cargo planes?

Delta has operated over 1,600 cargo charter flights since February and is now averaging more than 20 cargo-only flights globally each week, carrying medical and PPE equipment, pharmaceuticals, U.S. mail, home office supplies and food.

Does Delta Airlines accept dogs?

Delta Airlines accepts dogs, cats, and household birds to travel in the passenger cabin on domestic flights.

What is Delta Airlines pet policy?

Delta Airlines Pet Policy includes both in-cabin flights and cargo flights; however, a pet cannot be checked as baggage unless you are a member of the armed forces and have transfer papers readily available. Delta Airlines Pet Policy provides a cargo option for your pet to fly and accepts many more species than other airlines.

What is Delta contact number?

The customer service number of Delta Air Lines is 800-455-2720

Can I fly with my dog?

Here’s What You Need to Know General Considerations for Flying with a Dog. Airline Policies for Flying with a Dog. Breeds. Destination Considerations. Preparing Your Dog to Fly. Inside the Airport. At Your Destination. Tools for Flying with a Dog.