How common are termites in Victoria?

How common are termites in Victoria?

They are the most widely distributed and destructive timber pest in Australia, accounting for more than 70% of the serious damage to buildings in Victoria. A single colony may consist of more than one million termites.

What do termites look like in Canada?

Recognizing live termites Termites are small insects, approximately the size of a grain of rice. Workers are creamy white in colour. Soldiers have an orange head and long mandibles. Unlike maggots, termites have six legs and look like white ants although without a constricted waist.

How long does it take termites to destroy a house?

When a termite colony infests a home, it can take around three years for the damage to be noticeable. As mentioned above, the rate of damage depends on the size of the colony. If the colony is big enough, all the wood components in your house can be destroyed within eight years.

What material is most likely to be affected by termites?

changes in corner fascia under gutters, as termites are attracted to damp or moist areas. mud-like tubes or material around external footings/brickwork, or internal fittings like service pipes and electrical plugs. cracks or holes in timber or plaster with a fine dust residue.

Is it OK to live in a house with termites?

Buildings or houses that are made of wood can be unfit to live in if termites have already caused considerable damage to its foundations, beams and other supports of the structure. This is considered a serious safety issue as once a solid wood structure turns weak and brittle.

Where can I find termites in eastern Victoria?

Commonly found in eastern Victoria – particularly prevalent in Melbourne, Gippsland and Albury-Wodonga regions. Nest Location – this termite species, most often builds its nest as a mound up to 2m above ground level, with hard clay walls, so control is easily effected once located by knocking the top off and insecticide treatment of the nest.

What kind of pest control do they use in Victoria?

Victoria Pest Control has extensive experience in treating and managing termite infestations throughout the Greater Victoria Area. Managing and eliminating termites in structures requires extensive knowledge of both the behaviour and biology of termites, and the structural elements involved.

How often do Termites attack homes in Australia?

Termites are known to destroy the wall and roofing timbers of a home within 3 months of construction. Termites cause more damage to homes in Australia than fire, floods, storms and tempest, combined. Termites occur throughout Victoria, with a high incidence of attack in virtually all urban areas.

Where can I get pest control for termite control?

Termite control requires a comprehensive and integrated approach. Victoria Pest Control has extensive experience in treating and managing termite infestations throughout the Greater Victoria Area.