Can you have a wooden mantel with a log burner?

Can you have a wooden mantel with a log burner?

So, wood being a combustible material, a wooden mantel would need to be at least 450mm (18 inches) from a 6-inch flue, which isn’t always practical. Heat shield. One way to overcome this is to use a heat shield, usually in the form of fireboard.

What are the parts of a wood burner?

The main parts of a wood burning stove can include:

  • Firebox.
  • Air Vents.
  • Air Vent Controls.
  • Baffle.
  • Flue Collar.
  • Stove Pipe.
  • Flue.
  • Doors.

How do you dress a log burner?

Wood burner decorating ideas don’t have to be elaborate – try a minimalist approach for a dramatic, contemporary look in a black and white fireplace finish. Set the wood burning stove back in the wall, with a black fireplace set on to a white-painted wall. Black and white furniture complement the look.

How close can a wood mantle be to a wood stove?

The National Fire Code dictates that any combustible material (e.g., wood mantel or similar trim) must be at least six inches from the firebox opening. An additional inch of clearance is needed for every 1/8 inch the combustible material or trim protrudes.

How close can a TV be to a wood burner?

We are being informed that many stove installers are happy to install woodburners under a TV providing the TV is a minimum of 600mm away from the logburner. Some stoves installers prefer that a mantle piece is between the stove and TV to protect and deflect heat.

Can you have a TV above a log burner?

Installing a TV directly above a wood stove isn’t typically recommended, but if a TV will be sufficiently protected from the heat of a wood stove it may be suitable. TVs should be placed outside of clearance distances to combustibles, and a mantel can help protect a TV from the heat.

What can I put behind my wood burning stove?

We recommend using porcelain tiles, which are very heat resistant. Most wood burning stoves have insulation blocks in the back and sides to minimise the heat escaping, and there should also be a minimum of 150mm (6 inches) around the back and the side of the stove for ventilation.

What are the knobs on a wood burner for?

Vents and Baffles There are one or two vents on the front of a wood stove. Usually referred to as dampers, they are holes in the door with large knobs that close over them. This is a flue vent to control how much air passes over the fire and up the stove. The wire is in a small oval shape.

What should I stand my wood burner on?

The most common and best hearth material for a wood burning stove is stone, especially slate and granite. However, you will also find hearths made from glass and steel. These can withstand high temperatures without cracking or posing a fire hazard.

Can you put a TV above a log burner?

Are there any fireplace mantles that are functional?

May 26, 2021 – Wood mantles and fireplace surrounds warm up a home. Check out these decorative, functional pieces and try it for yourself with one of our finishes – then let us know how it goes – See more ideas about fireplace, home, fireplace surrounds.

What to do with a wood stove mantel?

In this rustic living room, the wood burning stove adds a contemporary pop of color. In lieu of a traditional mantel, floating stone shelves display decorative earthenware. Looking for Rustic ideas? Browse Rustic images for decor, layout, furniture, and storage inspiration from HGTV.

Where can I find photos of fireplace mantels?

Explore karinedch’s photos on Flickr. karinedch has uploaded 1629 photos to Flickr. Antique Fireplace Mantels hand-crafted from the reclaimed timber of old barns and wooden structures. Antique Fireplace Mantels hand-crafted from the reclaimed timber of old barns and wooden structures.

How many mantels are there in the world?

Mantel design (SHELTER) My apologies for the radio silence, between work and my kiddos, life has been insane! This week I’ve been working on two mantel designs, one will include a television above (only choice) and the other