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Who was the little boy on Martin?

Who was the little boy on Martin?

About Roscoe Lawrence played the role by standing on his knees, with shoes attached to his kneecaps. Roscoe appears in Season 2 and 5.

Who played Sheneneh on Martin?

Martin LawrenceThe Skank Robbers
Sheneneh Jenkins/Played by

Sheneneh Roshaniah Simone Jenkins (born April 15 1971) is a character portrayed by Martin Lawrence. Sheneneh is a sassy, ghetto, flashy, mouthy, confrontational, and feisty. She is the owner of Sheneneh’s Sho’ Nuff Hair Salon.

Who was Martin’s neighbor?

Bruh-Man (Brother Man) (Reginald Ballard) (1993–1995): Martin’s neighbor, who debuts in season two. He lives on the fifth “flo” (yet he always puts 4 fingers up when relating this fact), directly upstairs from Martin.

Does Martin have a son?

Marvin Johnson
Born: May 2 1989 (Age 31)
Character description: Young boy who claims that Martin, who once had a fling with his mother, is his dad
Related to: Angie Johnson (mother)
Character information

What episode does Martin have a son?

Momma’s Baby, Martin’s Maybe
Momma’s Baby, Martin’s Maybe. Martin’s efforts to impress his future mother-in-law collapse when a child shows up claiming to be his long-lost son.

What floor did Martin live on?

fifth floor
He lived upstairs from Martin, on the fifth floor.

What happened to bro man from Martin?

Spurning overtures from pro-football, Ballard headed to Hollywood to pursue his acting career. Currently, Ballard is performing stand up comedy. He is also a former all-district linebacker for Ball High School.

Who married Martin Lawrence?

Shamicka Gibbsm. 2010–2012
Patricia Southallm. 1995–1997
Martin Lawrence/Spouse
He married Miss Virginia USA, Patricia Southall, in 1995. Lawrence and Southall have a daughter, Jasmine Page (born January 15, 1996). In 1997, Lawrence began a relationship with Shamicka Gibbs. They married on July 10, 2010, at Lawrence’s Beverly Hills home.

Who was the boy who swore Martin was his father?

No. 2 is the boy who swore that Martin was his father and left us with the classic “Sorry, Martin, I didn’t want to go to Arizona.” At least Roscoe would have been straight-up from the jump. If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device.

Who are the main characters in the show Martin?

Martin is a show about a man, his wife, his friends, and other random characters who interfere with his life. These are the best characters. After the Cosby Show, the African-American community was in search of a show that could reach the masses but still appeal to the new generation.

Who was Mama Payne in the TV show Martin?

Mama Payne loved to play the numbers and go to church. Besides her mustache, Mama Payne was best known for her biscuits which Gina could never master in the kitchen. The kid who lived next door to Gina with the snotty nose and the smart mouth.

Can you name the characters that Martin Lawrence played in the classic hit show Martin?

Can You Name All Of The Characters That Martin Lawrence Played In The CLASSIC HIT Show Martin????? – Complexed Simplicity Can You Name All Of The Characters That Martin Lawrence Played In The CLASSIC HIT Show Martin?????