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Where is Versa Gripps located?

Where is Versa Gripps located?

Every pair of Versa Gripps is handcrafted by a skilled and devoted team located on the coast of Maine. Proudly MADE IN THE USA with only the highest quality materials and unmatched workmanship.

What are Versa Gripps used for?

Versa Gripps are used for all pushing (as in bench press) and pulling (as in dead lift) movements in strength training. The patented Versa Gripps take the place of gloves, lifting straps, hooks, and wrist supports. By using Versa Gripps, both types of movement are accomplished safely, easily, and comfortably.

Can I wash versa Gripps?

Do not put the Versa Gripps in a washing machine or immerse them in water. Should the velcro portion become stuck with debris, simply pull clean with tweezers. These precautionary measures will ensure a long life for your Versa Gripps.

Are versa Gripps cheating?

Straps – or Versa Gripps – are cheating, and are therefore useless. Remember kids, back training day is ALL about improving your grip strength even if your back strength and development suffers. If your grip strength is an issue, train it after back.

How tight should versa Gripps be?

Versa Gripps are designed to fit securely (not too tightly)around the base of the weightlifters hand. When worn with a proper fit, the user is able to easily rotate them around to the back of their hand when they are not in use. They are not designed to fit tightly around the wrist while doing a pulling exercise.

What is the idea of the versa Gripp?

The idea behind using Versa Gripps is that the condition of your hands or the strength of your grip will never get in the way of you and your training. Versa Gripps are like wrist supports that Velcro tight, except they have a leather extension that continues from the base of the palm to the base of your fingers.

When to use versa Gripps for deadlifts?

When performing a pulling exercise like a dead lift, shrug or chin-up, Versa Gripps are designed to fit securely (not too tightly) around the base of the weightlifters hand.

Which is the best grip assist for hands?

Versa Gripps PRO is the Top-of-the-Line Grip Assist. BUILT-IN ARCH SUPPORT Offers PROTECTION FROM CARPAL TUNNEL and Protects Hands from Nerve Damage while Promoting Healthy Circulation to Hands and Wrists. USA Trademark (3205261) International Trademark (1110641).