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When did U2 play at Sun Devil Stadium?

When did U2 play at Sun Devil Stadium?

December 19, 1987
U2 Concert Setlist at Sun Devil Stadium, Tempe on December 19, 1987 |

Is Sun Devil Stadium still standing?

The natural grass playing surface within the stadium was named Frank Kush Field in 1996 in honor of the former coach of the Sun Devil football team. The stadium underwent a five-year, $304-million renovation that was completed in August 2019….Sun Devil Stadium.

General contractor F. H. Antrim Construction Company

What bowl game is played at Sun Devil Stadium?

The Super Bowl
The Super Bowl came to the desert for the first time in 1996 when Sun Devil Stadium hosted the game. In the mid 1950s Arizona State University decided to construct a stadium for its team, the Sun Devils.

How did Bono break his arm in 1987?

Bono sustained a second injury on 20 September 1987 during a concert at RFK Stadium in Washington, D.C. on the third leg of the tour. He fell off the rain-slicked stage and dislocated his arm. He completed the performance and had his arm popped back into place after its conclusion.

Does Sun Devil Stadium sell beer?

ASU is expanding beer and wine sales at Sun Devil Stadium ahead of the 2018 football season. ASU says beer and wine sales will be available in all areas of Sun Devil Stadium except for the area directly behind the student section in the south end zone.

How many seats are in Sun Devil Stadium?

Sun Devil Football Stadium/Capacity

What band opened for U2 in 1987?

the Dalton Brothers
U2 Actually Opened for Themselves An obscure act called the Dalton Brothers debuted between sets by the BoDeans and Los Lobos at U2’s Nov. 1, 1987, show in Indianapolis.

Can you buy alcohol at ASU Stadium?

Arizona State University Arizona State expanded beer and wine sales to all concessions in the school’s football stadium except behind the student section.