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What should we do after TB treatment?

What should we do after TB treatment?

Once your course of treatment is finished, you may have tests to make sure you are clear of TB. You might need more treatment if tests show there is still TB bacteria in your body, but most people will get the all-clear. Your treatment will not be stopped until you are cured.

Can I go to gym after TB treatment?

Recommended exercise during treatment for TB It is recommended that you aim for 30 minutes every day for five days of the week, however, you should only ever exercise as much as you feel that you are physically able to, especially during your recovery time.

Will TB come back after treatment?

Even if you successfully beat tuberculosis, you can get tuberculosis infection again. In fact, TB reinfection is becoming more common.

How long it will take for tuberculosis patients become non infectious after treatment?

Most people with active TB who’ve had appropriate drug treatment for at least two weeks are no longer contagious.

Which food avoid in TB?

What food should be avoided by a person with TB

  • Alcohol in any form, as it increases the risk of drug toxicity.
  • Carbonated drinks.
  • Excess of tea and coffee, or their intake with food.
  • Tobacco and tobacco products.
  • An excess of spices & salt.

How long does TB take to recover?

It may be several weeks before you start to feel better. The exact length of time will depend on your overall health and the severity of your TB. After taking antibiotics for 2 weeks, most people are no longer infectious and feel better.

What should health care personnel do if they have TB?

Health care personnel with a positive TB test result should receive a symptom evaluation and chest x-ray to rule out TB disease. Treatment for LTBI is strongly encouraged for health care personnel diagnosed with LTBI.

Do you have to re-test for TB after exposure?

Health care personnel with a documented history of a positive TB test result do not need to be re-tested after exposure to TB. They should receive a TB symptom screen, and if they have symptoms of TB, they should be evaluated for TB disease.

Is there treatment for latent TB in the military?

Treatment for latent TB infection (LTBI) is strongly encouraged for health care personnel diagnosed with LTBI.

How to prevent the spread of tuberculosis ( TB )?

Prevent the spread of TB: Write down that you missed a dose and tell your healthcare provider at your next visit. Wash your hands often. Use soap and water. Wash your hands after you use the bathroom, change a child’s diapers, or sneeze. Wash your hands before you prepare or eat food.