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What is the threshold on a shower base?

What is the threshold on a shower base?

What is a shower threshold? A shower or shower-pan threshold is the front edge of the shower that you typically step over to enter the shower.

What is the difference between a single and double threshold shower pan?

Andy, Single threshold means that the base can only accept a shower door on one side and the other three sides must be installed to walls. So basically, it is an alcove type of installation. A double threshold base has 2 walls that can accept a shower enclosure and 2 walls that the base is installed against.

Can a DreamLine shower base be tiled?

DreamLine SlimLine shower bases cannot be tiled over. Doing so will damage the base and will also void the warranty. Thank you for your interest in DreamLine.

What is a SlimLine shower base?

SlimLine Single Threshold Shower Base The Slimline™ features a textured surface that is slip resistant for your safety, and are also scratch and stain resistant for easy maintenance.

Can you use a single threshold shower base with a corner shower?

A single threshold is used for a shower installed in an alcove, while a double threshold is used for corner installations. Double thresholds have two flat sides for glass doors, but no leak protection if a wall is added to the second threshold of a double shower base.

What is a single curb shower pan?

A single-curb shower pan has a raised curb or edge at the threshold, about 2 to 6 inches high, that you must step over to enter the shower. A barrier-free shower pan doesn’t have a curb, although it may have a very low edge.

Should a shower curb have an overhang?

Generally with a 1/4 to 3/8 overhang. On the vertical, or jamb sides, we use tile. On lower end jobs we get a saddle from our supplier and they work well.

What is a zero clearance shower pan?

Shower Pans. Watertech’s new Zero clearance shower base is designed to allow a wheel chair to roll into the shower and can be easily installed whether you are building a new home or remodeling an existing bathroom.

What is a low step shower?

A low step shower is a great choice. Do you find steps difficult? Fitted in place of your bath, low step showers offer spacious and easy bathing. A step-in shower is fitted in where you bath was. You could also have wall panelling to create a shower area; so you don’t have to alter the rest of your bathroom.

What is an ADA shower pan?

ADA Shower pans are used for commercial projects where ADAAG guidelines are a requirement. We believe that ADA compliant showers can be just as beautiful as custom tile showers in lavish homes. the walls to create a high-end, designer bathroom.

What is a low profile shower pan?

Standard Low Profile Curb height is 1 1/4” to 2 1/8” tall. All curbs have a slope back into the shower area and the shower area has a 1/4” per foot slope towards the drain. Standard Low Profile Shower Bases are available individually and also as a kit with our Onyx wall panels.