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What does ADSC mean in military?

What does ADSC mean in military?


Acronym Definition
ADSC Army Development and Selection Centre (UK MoD)
ADSC Automatic Data Service Center
ADSC Amusement Device Safety Council (UK)
ADSC Acquisition Data Systems Controller

What does ADSC mean in Air Force?

Active Duty Service Commitments
AFI 36-2107, Active Duty Service Commitments discusses how and why an individuals receives a ADSC (ie. time dedicated to the Air Force).

What does RSN mean in the Navy?


Acronym Definition
RSN Republic of Singapore Navy
RSN Robust Security Network (802.11i standard)
RSN Residual Soil Nitrogen (agriculture)
RSN Robust Surface Navigation

What is the acronym for USAF?


Acronym Definition
USAF United States Air Force
USAF United States Armed Forces (less common)
USAF United States Aikido Federation
USAF United Student Aid Funds

Can I Palace Chase with an ADSC?

To be eligible for Palace Chase, enlisted airmen must be at least halfway through their first enlistment. Officers must be two-thirds of the way through all of their remaining Active Duty Service Commitments (ADSC).

What does deros stand for?

Date Estimated Return From Overseas
Date Estimated Return From Overseas (DEROS)

What is my RSN?

My RSN is Martijntje. Martijn is my irl name (it’s a Dutch name). The -tje addition makes it a small version. So basically it means little Martijn.

What is the RSN number?

Return Sequence Number
What is the RSN? The RSN (Return Sequence Number) is a unique 16-digit number assigned by the transmitter to each return within a return transmission. The RSN consists of the following fields: Electronic Transmitter Identification Number (ETIN) of the transmitter (5 numeric characters)

What is the Air Force version of Semper Fi?

Aim High
The U.S. Marine Corps motto is “Semper Fidelis” – “Always Faithful.” The U.S. Coastguard’s is “Semper Paratus” – “Always Ready.” The U.S. Air Force motto is “Aim High… Fly-Fight-Win,” and one of the U.S. Navy’s unofficial mottos is “Semper Fortis” – “Always Courageous.”

What is AUoF?

► AUoF = Immediate command representative, when the treating provider identifies a condition capable of impairing a Security Forces member’s ability to safely perform armed duties.