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What can I use instead of Roman blind rods?

What can I use instead of Roman blind rods?

How to Make a Roman Blind

  • Fabric, ideally heavy, duck cotton or upholstery weight.
  • Batons or rods.
  • Tape to hold the batons to the back of the blind.
  • Rings, the proper ones, little curtain rings or even washers will do.
  • Cord.
  • An acorn or you could improvise with a bead.
  • A curtain pole if you don’t have one already.

Can you make a Roman blind without rods?

The classic Roman shade has no rods or rod pockets sewn into the shade. Roman shades can be one of the most expensive window treatments to have custom-made, but with intermediate-level sewing skills you can make your own shades in fabric to complement your decor — and at a price that fits your budget.

Do you sew both sides of Roman blind tape?

You can press the top edge over, leave it folded and stitch down both the top and bottom edges of the loop tape, sewing through all layers with both rows of stitching; but this will mean that both rows of stitching will be visible on the face side of the blind.

Are Roman blinds hard to make?

Roman blinds are a brilliant way to complete the style of a room, and they can often be better than Venetian blinds and curtains for one main reason: you can make them yourself easily. This visual guide is achievable by first time DIYers to crafting pros, as we break down each step into easy-to-follow instructions.

Is it hard to make Roman shades?

As previously mentioned, you can make your own Roman shades from scratch. It’s actually very easy. You need a few things such as fabric, fabric shears, drapery rings, a board for mounting, liner fabric, an iron, a staple gun, a dowel, and a sewing machine.

How far apart should the cords be on a roman blind?

Roman Blind Wizard will calculate the exact number of cord drops for this blind width based on normal spacing criteria (approximately 35 cm between each cord).

Do you sew roman blind tape on at the top or bottom?

Lay the top of the tape along the line, fabric loops facing up, plain side down. Note some tapes may be sew along the bottom (tape above the line) rather than sew along the top (tape below the line) in the example we show. Check your instructions.

What kind of tape do you use to make Roman blinds?

Keep in mind that tube tape is a fantastic product that has little loops along the top of the tape for running nylon cord through (as shown above) and a pocket along the bottom (shown below) where you can insert a dowel.

How to make Roman shades step by step?

Fold one short end of the Roman blind tape to the WS by 1cm twice, then pin at one side of the right side (RS) of your lining, ensuring the top of the tape is along the drawn line. Cut the other end of the tape 2cm longer than the folded-over lining width.

How to make a simple unlined Roman blind?

Lay your blind out flat and using a retractable steel tape measure (fabric ones can stretch and be inaccurate) check that the finished length and width of your blind are what you intended them to be. If not, undo any hems and stitching that is necessary and re-do to the correct size before you carry on.

How to calculate the size of a Roman blind?

Measure the size of your roman blind to establish the finished width and drop measurements that you need to achieve. Then calculate your cutting size by adding on to the finished blind measurements the side seam allowances and the top and bottom hem allowances as follows; and as shown in diagram (?):