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What are the types of grippers?

What are the types of grippers?

Selecting the best gripper for your automation project will be much easier once you learn about the most common gripper types available.

  • Parallel Motion Two-Jaw Gripper.
  • Three-Jaw Gripper.
  • Bellows Gripper.
  • Collet and Expanding Mandrel Grippers.
  • O-Ring Grippers.
  • Needle Grippers.
  • Multi-Finger and Adaptive Grippers.

How does a gripper work?

The gripper is connected to the compressed air supply system. As the compressed air is introduced into the cylinder, it powers the piston rod. The piston rod is connected to the gripping fingers. As the air pressure moves the piston up and down, the fingers open or close in a parallel or angular manner.

What is vacuum gripper?

Vacuum grippers use the difference between atmospheric pressure and a vacuum to lift, hold and move objects. You will find vacuum grippers being used to automate a wide range of tasks, but one of the most popular applications for this type of gripper is packaging and palletizing.

What is soft gripper?

This soft gripper is made to have four legs that are inflated to pick up an object very gently, highlighting it’s special suitability for delicate tasks. The gripper reinforces the principals of soft robotics through building molds with everyday materials and troubleshooting a pneumatic system.

What is a gripper used for?

What is a gripper? In the simplest terms, grippers are devices that enable robots to pick up and hold objects. When combined with a collaborative (or ‘cobot’) industrial robot arm, grippers enable manufacturers to automate key processes, such as inspection, assembly, pick & place and machine tending.

What is meant by gripper?

A gripper is something that grips things or makes it easier to grip things. It may refer to: grippers, tools for building hand strength. a Robot end effector, the “hand” of a robot.

How are micro grippers used in smaract robots?

SmarAct’s micro gripping systems are able to transform multi-axis stages to micro-robots allowing users to precisely perform manufacturing and assembly tasks with highest precision. For example adding a SG-1730 Micro Gripper to a XYZ-SLC17:30 positioning system yield to a very compact and versatile micro-robot.

Which is the best gripper for a robotic arm?

Making and designing a flexible and adaptable gripper for robotic products is important, amazing and interesting. The RobotIQ product is a commercial and robust product design for the Universal Robot. Our gripper exterior design, inspired by that.

What kind of applications can micro grippers be used for?

If your specific application requires a dedicated design, do not hesitate to contact our application specialist to discuss possible solutions or fully customized designs. The SG-06 micro-gripper is ideal for space constrained setups and applications where miniaturization is the top priority.

How are micro grippers used to control jaw opening?

When equipped with a position sensor the grippers allow full closed-loop control about the gripping process and the opening of the jaw. In addition, force sensors integrated into our parallel micro-gripper SGP-17F allow to control not only the jaw opening but also the gripping force when handling fragile or highly delicate objects.