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What are FB2 keys used for?

What are FB2 keys used for?

Pre-cut FB2 Key for use with FB2 Fire Brigade locks. Fire Brigade locks are used on cupboards and access points where the Fire Brigade may need to gain access in an emergency.

Are FB2 locks fire rated?

Keys are sold separately – see product (catalogue product number 40693)….Unit Of Sale.

Item 48211
Finish Satin Stainless Steel
Dimensions 115mm Case Depth – (52mm Backset)
Fire Rated FD30 / FD60 – Fire Rated

What is a fire brigade lock?

Fire Brigade Locks and Fire Brigade Padlocks (also known as FB Locks and FB padlocks respectively) are deigned to work with pre-set keys known as “FB Keys” (Fire Brigade Keys) which the fire brigade will hold on their keychains to ensure they can always gain access to strategic fire-fighting access points such as dry- …

How many FB keys are there?

The fb key set includes 1 x FB1 morice and rim key 1 x FB2 mortice and rim key, 1 x FB4 Slam lock key, 1 x FB1 padlock key, 1 x FB11 padlock key and 1 x FB14 padlock key. Many fire brigade services, councils and other emergency services use FB keys. They are universal keys to open many types of doors, padlocks etc.

What’s the difference between FB1 and FB2 key?

FB1 locks are used with FB1 rim/mortice keys, FB2 locks are used with FB2 rim/mortice keys.

What is a Firemans drop key?

Opens communal entrance doors and other security doors where fire brigade access is required. Ideal tool for Postman, Maintenance Contractors, Fireman, Police or Engineers for gaining access to blocks of flats and in an emergency.

Are FB1 and FB2 keys the same?

Keys are not supplied with the locks, they can be purchased separately. Which key do I need for the lock I have? FB1 locks are used with FB1 rim/mortice keys, FB2 locks are used with FB2 rim/mortice keys.

What is a FB2 lock?

FB2 Fire Brigade Locks, normally used to secure doors to dry risers etc and normally specified in areas which the London Fire Brigade would require access. These locks allow the Fire Brigade access without smashing the door. These locks are not sold with there keys, keys and escutcheons have to be ordered separately.

What are fire brigade master keys?

Fire brigade master keys. Keys used by the fire brigade to get access to areas such as communal doors and entrances, barriers, utility cupboards and other access points in case of an emergency.

What is a Firemans key?

What is a FB1 key?

FB1 and FB2 mortice locks are UK Fire Brigade approved deadlocks which are specified in areas where the Fire Brigade can gain access in an emergency situation without breaking in the door. If in doubt consult the local authorities to ensure you choose the correct FB key number used by the local fire brigade.

What do Firemans keys open?

FB padlocks are a set of standard locks and keys that are often used by councils, property managers and schools to secure a communal area such as electric cupboard, car park gate and bin store. All emergency personal, including the fire brigade, carry these keys enabling them access to those areas quickly and easily.