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Is Kamma a Kshatriya?

Is Kamma a Kshatriya?

Kshatriya status of Kammas It was stated in the article that Kammas only belong to the Shudra category. But this is not completely true. Most excavations prove that Majority of the Kammas are Kshatriys and only a minority of Kammas are shudras.

How many types of Kammas are there?

There are basically two types of Kamma – citta-kamma – consciousness, and cetasika-kamma – related to the mind, but mental Kamma is the main base of all kinds of Kamma. In the Buddhist doctrine of Kamma the teaching of non-attachment, devotion and deprivation are also deeply considered with Kamma.

Is Kamma same as Kapu?

Kamma and Kapu are both dominant castes in Andhra Pradesh. Under the varna system, they are categorised as ‘Shudras’ but in the state, given the existing socio-economic circumstances, these two communities are considered dominant castes and fall under ‘OC’.

What is good Kamma?

Kamma. Through kamma people can be set free from ignorance and suffering. Thinking about how they behave enables Buddhists to do good things in their life. Buddhists should try to follow the Noble Eightfold Path and the teachings of the Buddha so that they do not cause suffering.

Which community is richest in India?

As per national survey NFHS-4 conducted in 2018 Jains was declared wealthiest of any community with 70% of its population living in top quintiles of wealth.

How did the Kamma community get its name?

The story probably refers to some historical brush of the Kambojas with the people of Andhra around Christian era. In medieval times the region now known as Palnadu, which was named after the Pallavas that ruled there, was called Kammanadu, indicating that they may have been present for a very long time (2).

Where did the Kamma caste come from in India?

Kamma caste is a South Indian Dravidian caste. Thousands of years back some Dravidian language speaking groups came to India and settled here. Dravidians were originally living in upper Egypt and came to india through Mesopotamia, Iran, and Baluchistan.

Who are the Kamma Naidus in Andhra Pradesh?

Kamma Community History and Origins. Introduction. Kamma is a dominant caste (community) mainly from the state Andhra Pradesh (AP) and Tamil Nadu in southern India. They are also referred to as Kamma Naidus or Kammavar Naidus in the southern parts of the state and neighboring Tamilnadu state, and as Choudharys in coastal AP.

Who are the Kamma kings in Tamil Nadu?

KAMMA CASTE. A Brief history of Kamma caste, which is a farward Dravidian caste, located in Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, who are Gana Rajya kings, Village Headmen, Worriers, Landlords in the Past.