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Is Braun Buffel a luxury brand?

Is Braun Büffel a luxury brand?

Braun Büffel is a leading luxury German brand with over 100 years of heritage, invested in creating high-quality and premium leather goods.

Is Braun Büffel made in Germany?

Manufacturing leather goods since 1887. To this day, leather craftsmen are trained in the company’s home town of Kirn an der Nahe (Rhineland-Palatinate), where highly desirable collections are fashioned from top-quality leather – all made in Germany. …

Does Braun Büffel use real leather?

At Braun Büffel, we have an uncompromising commitment to provide you with the highest quality products. When you buy from our official online store, you will receive genuine leather accessories from the brand house, a sterling example of our reputation in dependability and reliability.

What is Braun Büffel?

LEATHER GOODS ARE BRAUN BUFFEL’S SPECIALTY In comes Braun Büffel, a German brand that is known to use leather on almost all its items. From wallets to bags, coin holders to watches; the brand has all the leather accessories that you would want to include in your fashion collection.

Is Braun Buffel made in China?

Do not get confuse that all Braun Buffel’s leather goods are still made in Germany, almost all their current leather goods are just designed in Germany but are all made in China. It comes with Braun Buffel tag and Braun Buffel box.

Is Braun Buffel good?

Overall, I was very impressed with the design of their Zip wallet and its amazing versatility. The wallet simply worked and its design was pleasing to use while its craftsmanship seems like it could hold up for years to come. Braun Buffel is not for those looking for a bargain.

Who owns Braun Buffel?

Christiane Brunk
Lifestyle Asia recently caught up with Christiane Brunk, the owner and managing director of Braun Büffel who is at the forefront of turning the 130-year-old German manufacturer of leather goods into an international lifestyle brand.

Is Braun Buffel a Malaysian brand?

Besides Malaysia and Singapore, Braun Buffel has boutiques in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia and Myanmar. Braun Buffel derived its name from saddler and upholsterer Johann Braun who crafted the first leather product in the town of Kim in Germany in 1887.