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How much HP can a 5/16 fuel line support?

How much HP can a 5/16 fuel line support?

Recommended Size, Based on Horsepower

Recommended Fuel Line Size (from the tank to the pump)
Engine Output Size (inches) Size (AN)
350 hp or less 5/16 in. -5
350-450 hp 3/8 in. -6
450-650 hp 1/2 in. -8

What is the OD of 5/16 fuel line?

Size: 5/16″ I.D. x 9/16″ O.D.

How much horsepower can 3/8 fuel line support?

A 3/8”id fuel line can easily support 600 HP given sufficient “pump head”! Given a big enough pump a 3/8” steel line could support 1000 HP. The simple way to know is to install an electronic fuel pressure gauge. If the pressure falls as the engine RPM’s go up you need more pump head.

What size is Mercury outboard fuel line?

Mercury/Mariner O/B Standard Fuel Line Assembly, 6′ x 3/8″

Compatibility 93806BLP7
Inside Diameter 3/8 Inch
Outside Diameter 11/16 Inch
Maximum Continuous Length 6 Foot
Type Fuel Tank Lines

Is fuel line size ID or OD?

Tubing is OD (outside diameter) and Pipe is ID (inside diameter). So the easiest way to tell the size of your fuel line, which is tubing, is to use a combination wrench. Whichever one slips over snuggly is the winner.

How much pressure is in a fuel return line?

around 40 PSI in an EFI system, though it could be higher or lower depending upon the application. The return line should only have residual pressure on it…a PSI or two caused by the reistance of the fuel line to flow.

What OD is 3/8 fuel line?

Whichever one slips over snuggly is the winner. Consequently, what is the diameter of a fuel line?…What is the outside diameter of 3/8 fuel line?

AN Size Tube or Hose OD Tube or Hose ID
-5 5/16” .062”
-6 3/8” .297”
-8 1/2” .391”

What size is 6AN fuel line?

-6AN is 6/16″ (3/8″), -4AN is 4/16″ (1/4″), etc. If you don’t want to mess with the AN fittings then there is no reason to buy the associated fuel lines (IMO). If you want to use hose clamps just buy fuel injection hose from the auto parts store (if you can find one that sells it–good luck).

What happens if you attach a 5 / 16 fuel line to an outboard?

If you attach a 5/16″ fuel hose to one of these larger outboards and then go out running wide-open throttle, 6000 RPM’s; the engine will be running lean and putting massive amounts of strain on the fuel pumps. This causes premature failure of the fuel pumps and possibly major damage to the actual powerhead of the engine!

How big of fuel line do I need for a 90 hp boat?

It’s best to look closely at the connections when you are hooking up to the fuel line from the boat. If you have a 90 HP and the 3/8″ hose is super loose. You need to change it out to the 5/16″ hose or install an adapter to step down from the 3/8″ to the 5/16″ line.

What kind of suction hoses are at Lowes?

Lowe’s also has a quality selection of suction hoses for construction and agricultural use. Suction hoses are also made of PVC material but are helix reinforced to maintain shape and prevent collapse during large volume transfers of water or other liquids.

Can a loose fuel line cause an engine to lose prime?

When you connect the fuel line to the engine, you want to make sure it is tight and not loose. Being loose will give an air leak which is a place to cause problems. A lot of times when there is an air leak in the fuel lines, the engine will lose prime after sitting for a little while.