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How many calories are in a breadstick?

How many calories are in a breadstick?

Nutrition Facts

Calories 90 Calories from Fat 10
Sodium 150mg 6%
Total Carbohydrate 17g 6%
Dietary Fiber 2g 8%

What does Fazoli’s put on their breadsticks?

Breadstick Sliders We bake them and topped them ingredients like meatballs, Genoa salami, pepperoni, capicola, and mozzarella cheeses. The end result is hand-held snackable sandwiches made on the most perfect bread ever—a Fazoli’s breadstick!

How many calories are in a Fazoli’s Pizza?

Nutrition Facts

Calories 280 (1172 kJ)
Trans Fat 0 g
Cholesterol 25 mg 8%
Sodium 680 mg 28%
Total Carbohydrate 31 g 10%

How many calories are in Olive Gardens breadsticks?

The breadstick with the garlic topping is 140 calories. One breadstick without garlic topping is 120 calories. What is the nutrition content of your low-fat dressing compared to your regular dressing?

How many calories are in 1 garlic breadsticks?

Made with real garlic & parsley. Per 1 Breadstick: 150 calories; 1 g sat fat; 290 mg sodium (13% DV); 2 g total sugars.

Can you order just breadsticks from Fazoli’s?

Fazoli’s is a fast food restaurant chain specializing in Italian-inspired foods such as pasta and pizza….Fazoli’s Menu & Prices 2021.

Food Size Price
Signature Garlic Breadsticks 2 Pc. $0.99
Signature Garlic Breadsticks 12 Pc. $3.99
Family Meals Includes Family Salad & 8 Breadsticks. Serves 4.

How do you reheat Fazoli’s breadsticks?

Preheat a conventional oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Leave the breadsticks in the bag if possible. If you already ditched the bag, try wrapping the breadsticks in foil or placing them on a pan and covering them with foil. Cook in this manner for about 5 minutes or until the breadsticks are warm and soft.

How many calories are in Fazoli’s small fettuccine alfredo?

There are 430 calories in a Small Fettuccine Alfredo from Fazoli’s.

How many carbs are in fazoli’s garlic breadstick?

There are 150 calories in a 1 breadstick serving of Fazoli’s Garlic Breadstick. Calorie breakdown: 41% fat, 52% carbs, 8% protein.

How many carbs are in fazoli’s baked ravioli?

Nutrition Guide for the Fazoli’s Menu Calories Protein (g) Total Carbs (g) Sugars (g) Three Cheese Baked Ravioli 330 16 25 4 Chicken Mushroom Alfredo Bake 400 22 36 4 Baked Chicken Penne & Peppers 350 21 35 6

What kind of carbs are in fazoli salads?

Groups of two or more often share appetizers in place of starter salads. The nutrition data for each menu item fluctuates with the ingredients used to prepare the meals. In most cases, menu selections utilize wheat-based products and incorporate dairy and meat to complete meals.

What foods are good for you to eat at fazoli?

A Nutrition Guide to the Fazoli’s Menu for Healthy Eating 1 Pasta Dishes 2 Oven Baked Flatbread Pizzas 3 Fresh Chopped Salads 4 Salad Dressings 5 Samplers 6 Fresh Made Pastas 7 Oven Baked Pastas 8 Top It Options 9 Spice It Up 10 Snacks

What is in Fazoli’s breadsticks?

Breadstick Sliders An instant classic was born! We bake them and topped them ingredients like meatballs, Genoa salami, pepperoni, capicola, and mozzarella cheeses. The end result is hand-held snackable sandwiches made on the most perfect bread ever—a Fazoli’s breadstick!

Are Fazolis wings breaded?

We now have chicken wings available at Fazoli’s! Our wings are deep fried until crispy then tossed in your choice of one of seven signature sauces, and served with celery and your choice of ranch or blue cheese for dipping.

How many calories are in thin Italian breadsticks?

DeLallo Thin Grissini Torinese Style Breadsticks

Calories 110
Calories from Fat 15

How many breadsticks do you get at Fazoli’s?

Includes 8 Breadsticks. Topped with Fazoli’s Pizza Sauce and a blend of Mozzarella and Provolone Cheeses. Includes 8 Breadsticks.

What’s the best thing to get at Fazoli’s?

The Best & Worst Menu Items at Fazoli’s

  • Best: House Side Salad, No Dressing.
  • Worst: Chicken Bacon Caesar With Dressing.
  • Best: Turkey Club Classico.
  • Worst: Meatball da Vinci.
  • Best: Spicy Italian Breadstick Slider.
  • Worst: Pepperoni Pizza Breadsticks.
  • Best: Baked Lasagna.
  • Worst: Ultimate Fettuccine.

What’s the best thing at Fazoli’s?

Is Fazoli’s owned by Olive Garden?

It was founded in 1988 and is now owned by Sentinel Capital Partners. As of January 2021, there are 215 Fazoli’s located nationwide. The restaurant chain specializes in Italian-American cuisine and dishes….Fazoli’s.

Type Private
Owner Sentinel Capital Partners (2015–present)
Number of employees 4700

Are breadsticks high in calories?

Breadsticks cannot be defined as a food that is high in calories. Every dieter needs to consider calories, but also the wholesomeness of the foods consumed and quantity. As a substitute for bread they are BETTER in moderation, with healthy varieties such as whole wheat and gluten free to tickle your fancy.

What is the lowest calorie food at Olive Garden?

Dinner Portions

  • Mediterranean Grilled Chicken -670 calories.
  • Venetian Apricot Chicken – 400 calories.
  • Capellini de Mare – 650 calories.
  • Herb Grilled Salmon – 510 calories.
  • Parmesan Crusted Tilapia 590 calories.
  • Seafood Brodetto – 480 calories.
  • Shrimp Mezzaluna – 630 calories.