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How do I get my iLok license code?

How do I get my iLok license code?

Going forward, all licenses are deposited to your iLok account automatically so an iLok activation code is not provided. When you make your first purchase, you will link your iLok User ID to your Slate Digital account. With additional purchases, licenses will be deposited to the account you linked initially.

How do I put license on iLok?

Log in to your iLok account by selecting Sign In in the top-left. Click on your account in the top left, and find the software license. Right-click on the license and choose Activate. You will be prompted to choose a location to store the license.

How can I activate my license without iLok?

Using the iLok Cloud licenses without a physical license key is called a “Cloud Session.” When you start up Pro Tools without an iLok dongle inserted, you will be presented with a screen with the options to “Quit” or “Activate”. Select “Activate”, and follow the log in instructions on the screen that follows.

Is iLok License Manager free?

iLok License Manager is a free end-user desktop application for Mac OS and Windows that makes license management as easy as drag-and-drop. The application runs on the user’s computer and communicates with the PACE database via our activation services.

How do I get my iLok ID?

If you do not know what your iLok User ID is, you should go to and verify that you have the correct User ID. If you have not previously created a user account at, you will need to do that first in order to get your User ID. You can go here if you have forgotten your iLok User ID.

What is 2nd generation iLok?

The iLok – 2nd Generation typically holds over 500 licenses but depending on the type of licenses you own, the iLok – 2nd Generation may hold far more. The new version is backward-compatible with the original iLok, the only exception is the discontinued License Card slot.

How do you activate Pro Tools license on iLok?

Launch Pro Tools and, when prompted, click Activate. Enter your iLok User ID and password….Authorize iLok license

  1. Launch the iLok License Manager.
  2. Locate your license under the Available tab.
  3. Drag/drop the license onto the icon for your iLok USB dongle.

How do I transfer my iLok license without iLok?

No, you can’t move licenses from a broken iLok to a new iLok. End of that story. The iLok you’re moving licenses FROM has to be sync’d to your account, as does the iLok you’re moving them TO.

How do I activate license in iLok cloud manually?

  1. Sign in to your iLok account on the iLok License Manager.
  2. Click File then select Open your Cloud Session.
  3. Once the cloud session is opened successfully, click on File again then go to Preferences.
  4. On the list, select iLok Cloud.
  5. Under “Mode”, you may select Automatic Mode or Managed Mode.

What is a iLok ID?

An iLok User ID, is the ID of your account on the website for users of the iLok software copy protection USB smart key. With an iLok User ID, you will be able to: Receive new licenses from software vendors. Synchronize your licenses with the iLok server for Zero Downtime.

How do I load my license into my Ilok?

To load your licenses to an iLok USB dongle, just drag the license to the iLok icon. Click the Available tab. Drag and drop your license into the iLok icon. Wait for the license transfer to complete before removing an iLok.

How to redeem an iLok activation code online?

Redeem iLok activation codes 1 Launch the iLok License Manager app. 2 Navigate to Licenses, then click Redeem Activation Code. Alternatively, click the “ ..I ” button ( next to the search… 3 Enter your code and click Next. More

How to transfer an iLok to a USB dongle?

iLok USB dongle 1 Click the Available tab. 2 Drag and drop your license into the iLok icon. 3 Wait for the license transfer to complete before removing an iLok.

How many authorizations does the new Ilok have?

Authorize your software* with the mightiest and smallest device yet. The all-new iLok (third generation) holds up to 1,500 authorizations—3x more than before—and delivers twice the transfer speed of the iLok 2.