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How do I find commodity codes?

How do I find commodity codes?

Commodity codes can be found on the Trade Tariff website….Your commodity code tells you:

  1. The duty and VAT ratings you’ll be charged for your goods.
  2. If you can apply for a preferential duty rating (General System of Preference aka GSP)
  3. Whether your product requires an import licence.
  4. Whether anti-dumping duties apply.

What is NIGP Commodity Code?

NIGP Code is a universal taxonomy for identifying commodities and services in procurement systems. It is available as a 3-digit class code, a 5-digit class-item code, a 7-digit class-item-group code, and a detailed 11-digit code.

What is a commodity service code?

Commodity codes are standard classification codes for products and services used to detail where money is spent within a company. Using these codes tells Procurement Services what kinds of items are purchased most, so we can build better contracts to serve your needs.

How many NIGP codes are there?

Currently, it contains over 8,700 descriptions.

What is the difference between Naics and NIGP codes?

Classifying products by code is not unique to local government; SIC codes or custom classification codes are often used in the private sector and NAICS codes are used along with NIGP codes within state purchasing. …

What is the difference between HS Code and commodity Code?

Commodity codes are made up with a range of digits that identify a particular product. They specify the type of product, materials used and the production method as follows: HS Code digits: It starts with the global standard – Harmonised System, or HS code, – which is a minimum of six digits.

What is the commodity code for food items?

HS Code 21042000 – Food, preparations, consisting.

What does an HTS code look like?

HTS (Harmonized Tariff Schedule) codes are product classification codes between 8-10 digits. The first six digits are an HS code, and the countries of import assign the subsequent digits to provide additional classification. U.S. HTS codes are 10 digits and are administered by the U.S. International Trade Commission.

Where can I find the NIGP Commodity code?

Online Access to the National Institute of Government Purchasing (NIGP) Commodity Codes is to be used for the purpose of identifying 7-digit commodity code descriptions for goods and services.

What are the commodity codes for abrasives in NIGP?

NIGP 21st Edition of the NIGP Commodity Code Listing 005 05 Abrasive Equipment and Tools 005 14 Abrasives, Coated: Cloth, Fiber, Sandpaper, etc. 005 21 Abrasives, Sandblasting, Metal 005 28 Abrasives, Sandblasting (Other than Metal) 005 42 Abrasives, Solid: Wheels, Stones, etc. 005 56 Abrasives, Tumbling (Wheel)

How does the National Institute of Governmental Purchasing commodity book work?

Agencies use the class-item numbering and descriptions found in this book to properly code products or services on their requisitions and purchases, so informal and formal invitations for bid will reach vendors that have indicated they are capable of furnishing the required materials, equipment, supplies, and services.

Is the NIGP Code a copyrighted property?

The NIGP Code is the copyrighted property of the National Institute of Governmental Purchasing, Inc., is licensed through Periscope Holdings, Inc., and is protected under the copyright laws of the United States. Unauthorized download, duplication or copying is prohibited.