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How do I change the chart range in Excel 2007?

How do I change the chart range in Excel 2007?

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  1. Introduction.
  2. 1Select the chart and then click the Select Data button in the Data group on the Chart Tools Design tab.
  3. 2Click and drag in the worksheet to select the new data range.
  4. 3Release the mouse button.
  5. 4Click OK.

How do I automatically update chart range in Excel?

To use this method, follow these steps:

  1. In a new worksheet, type the following data:
  2. Select the range A1:B4, and then click Set Database on the Data menu.
  3. On the Formula menu, click Define Name.
  4. In the Name box, type Date.
  5. In the Refers to box, type “=OFFSET(Database,1,0,ROWS(Database)-1,1)”
  6. Click Add.

How do I change a range in Excel?

Change a Named Range

  1. On the Ribbon, click the Formulas tab.
  2. Click Name Manager.
  3. In the list, click on the name that you want to change.
  4. In the Refers To box, change the range reference, or drag on the worksheet, to select the new range.
  5. Click the check mark, to save the change.
  6. Click Close, to close the Name Manager TOP.

How to create an effective gauge chart?

Specify the value range and parts you want the speedometer chart shown!

  • click to Create Custom Combo chart icon to create the default chart.
  • Choose Doughnut as the chart type.
  • Click to OK button!
  • Clean up the combo chart: Remove the chart title and the legend.
  • How to create a speedometer chart [gauge] in Excel?

    Click Kutools > Charts > Progress > Speedometer Chart to activate this feature.

  • and choose a chart type ( 180° speedometer chart or
  • Click the OK button to create a speedometer chart.
  • How to create gauges chart?

    Creating Gauge Chart with Multiple Ranges − Select the values data and create a Doughnut chart. − Double click on the half portion of the Doughnut chart (shown in yellow color in the above chart). − Right click and under the Fill category, select No Fill. − Deselect Chart Title and Legend from Chart Elements. − Right click on the chart and select Format Data Series.

    How do you create a speedometer in Excel?

    To create a SPEEDOMETER in Excel, you can use the below steps: First of all, go to Insert Tab ➜ Charts ➜ Doughnut Chart (with this you’ll get a blank chart). Now, right-click on the chart and then click on “Select Data”. In the “Select Data” window, click on “Legend Entries” and enter “Category” in the name input bar.