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How deep is the River Avon in Bradford on Avon?

How deep is the River Avon in Bradford on Avon?

3.22 m
River Avon/Max depth

Is Bradford on Avon a nice place to live?

Bradford on Avon has been highlighted in a comprehensive new ranking of the best places to live in England and Wales, compiled by the buying agents Garrington Property Finders. Bradford on Avon, ranked third overall, was also listed as the 19th best place to live in terms of natural beauty.

What caused the River Avon to flood?

Parts of Stratford-upon-Avon experienced their fourth day of flooding after heavy rain caused the River Avon to burst its banks. At one camping site alongside the river, more than 600 caravans were floating safely out of flood water, thanks to automatic buoyancy devices. …

Where is Bradford on Avon on the map?

Bradford-on-Avon coronavirus map – shows the position of Bradford-on-Avon within Wiltshire, and the number of COVID-19 cases in Wiltshire and each surrounding area. Where is Bradford-on-Avon?

Where to check long term flood risk in England?

Check the long term flood risk for an area in England. How useful was this information?

Is there a borehole in Bradford on Avon?

At the Full Council meeting on 6th July, Town Councillors unanimously agreed the following motion… We are really pleased to announce the successful installation of a borehole at Bradford on Avon… Bradford on Avon Town Council was one of many Town and Parish councils who wrote in objection to…

How can I get the latest flood information?

We provide flood updates in many ways. Sometimes there can be a few minutes’ delay before the latest information is shown. Please check regularly to get the latest information. You can do this by: You’re missing out. A map should be visible here. Javascript must be enabled. Use of Internet Explorer requires version 9 or later to access maps.