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Does PokerStars allow NoteCaddy?

Does PokerStars allow NoteCaddy?

Yes you can create stats like in your example and use them. It is permitted for NoteCaddy to display hands in the notes that it creates at PokerStars live tables. And also manual badges.

How to use NoteCaddy?

On the first run, the NoteCaddy Setup Wizard will be displayed to walk you through setup.

  1. Step 1 – Welcome to NoteCaddy!
  2. Step 2 – Set up database connection.
  3. Step 3 – Choose database to use.
  4. Step 4 – Client Note Files.
  5. Step 5 – Select Ultimate Packs.
  6. Step 6 – Downloading Selected Packs.

How to open Note Caddy?

​NoteCaddy PlayerOverview To add it in HM3 go to HUD → HUD Editor → Choose your HUD Profile → Click on a ‘+’ symbol → Add Statistic → In the Search type in ‘PlayerOverview’ → Select the stat and click OK. Once the PlayerOverview stat is added to a HUD there will be a NoteCaddy icon displayed on the HUD.

What is NoteCaddy?

NoteCaddy helps you understand how an opponent plays by analyzing your hand histories on the opponent and quickly breaking down the most important information learned into highly visual notes, tags, patterns and tendencies. When detected it displays a badge with information on the type of weakness or pattern.

How can I get PT4 for free?

Once you register PokerTracker 4 Holdem or Omaha, you will receive a free 14 day trial for the other product. In PT4, click the ‘Help’ menu and select ‘Register’. Proceed to click the ‘Begin 14 Day Trial’ button.

How does the Caddy report work on notecaddy?

The Caddy Report displays recently created notes and hands. Once NoteCaddy is enabled, go back into the Apps menu, select NoteCaddy, then Open Caddy Report. This shows NoteCaddy notes created during the current session. Hand Occurrence Time – Displays the minutes of the hour that the hand occurred.

How can I import notecaddy notes or coaching packs?

Note: NoteCaddy does not use the ‘Number of Players Filtered’ settings from Holdem Manager 3’s HUD Options, or the HUD’s position property, so these need to be defined in NoteCaddy itself for NoteCaddy stats. How Can I Import NoteCaddy Notes or Coaching Packs?

How does notecaddy help you analyze opponent stats?

Opponent stats and notes can sometimes be overwhelming and we have a limited amount of time to process them. NoteCaddy solves this problem by deeply analyzing your hand histories and then combining all the data into a highly visual output. Essentially NoteCaddy helps you absorb a lot of information in a short amount of time.

Where can I find notecaddy in Holdem Manager 3?

Importing definitions will create pending tasks that will need to be run to create the actual notes, and these notes will then be available in Holdem Manager 3 for inclusion in your own HUD’s. Any HUD profiles included in a coaching pack will be added to Holdem Manager 3 for use at the tables.