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Does Nepeta die in homestuck?

Does Nepeta die in homestuck?

How did Nepeta die? Gamzee clubbed Nepeta to death with his Deuce Clubs. You can see her blood on his club during this flash.

How did Equius die?

about Gamzee, he instructs Nepeta to hide and goes searching for Gamzee. When he succeeds in finding him Equius is killed by Gamzee, who strangles him to death with a bowstring.

Why did Equius die smiling?

When Equius died, he was smiling because he still believed Nepeta Homestuck, Fandomstuck, Homestuck cosplay.

Why did Equius smile when died?

Why did Nepeta Leijon sacrifice herself for Equius?

Nepeta sacrificed herself for Equius’ safety. When the humans arrive, something is odd. There’s no angry, nubby horned troll to cuss them out. Shady Times for Rose Lalonde the most powerful mage on Earth C. She has to deal with the sudden crazy ideas for fetishes by her wife Kanaya who got those from bad human literature and deviantArt.

How did Nepeta die in seek the highb100d?

Upon Jack ‘s arrival Aradiabot transports the trolls to the same meteor Karkat had created them, where they find a computer lab. Nepeta pouncing at Gamzee. Her dream self is killed in Derse by Jack Noir. Since then she spends most of her time with Equius, until the events of Seek the highb100d.

Why is Nepeta Leijon associated with rat poison?

She is most likely associated with arsenic because it is used as rat poison, because of the stereotype that cats don’t like rats. It can also be used as green wallpaint, and it is linked with cancer which could be a reference to her crush on Karkat.

Where is the severed head of Nepeta Leijon?

Later Nepeta’s severed head is seen lying on the jury table next to Gamzee, accompanied by Feferi’s, Eridan’s, and Equius’s heads. Nepeta’s body as smelled by Terezi. Her body, along with the corpses of the other trolls, is preserved by Gamzee, and she is later revived as half of Fefetasprite, along with Feferi.