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Does Loretto pay school fees?

Does Loretto pay school fees?

Loretto School fees are as inclusive as possible and extras are kept to a minimum. The day fee includes tuition, numerous activities at School, three-course lunch, tea for pupils staying for activities, games and preps, and internet access.

Is Loreto Balbriggan a fee paying school?

A further 21 Free Education schools recorded increases ranging from 1pc in the case of the Mercy school in Drimnagh to a doubling of enrolment in the Loreto in Balbriggan. He added that south Dublin was unique in the number of fee paying schools in the area.

Is Loreto College a Catholic school?

The College also conducts immersion experiences to developing communities locally, nationally and internationally. As a Catholic school what makes us distinctive is the Catholic curriculum that we teach. The Religion classrooms promote in students religious literacy and understanding.

Is Loreto Dalkey fee paying?

Operations. Loreto Abbey Dalkey is a private, fee-paying school.

How much are fees for Loreto on the Green?


School 2013/14 2014/15
Loreto Foxrock, Dublin 18 642 3775
Loreto St Stephens Green, Dublin 2 577 3960
Midleton College, Co Cork 374 4701
Monaghan Collegiate School, Co Monaghan 253 3070

Is Muckross fee paid?

Muckross Park College, a second-level non-fee paying school for girls in Donnybrook, Dublin 4, was one of the oversubscribed secondary schools, according to available figures. Admissions figures show private schools and high-performing non-fee paying schools turned away hundreds of applicants last year.

What time does Loreto Balbriggan start?

9.10am to 4pm
The School Day Students attend from 9.10am to 4pm Monday to Friday and 9.10 to 1.20 on a Wednesday.

How many Loreto schools are there in Ireland?

Since its foundation, the Loreto Institute has been involved in education. With almost 150 schools worldwide and 5,500 staff members serving 70,000 students, Loreto has an international network of schools and colleges. In Ireland there are over 30 schools under Loreto trusteeship.

How many students go to Loreto College Foxrock?

Welcome to the Loreto College Foxrock website. Our school is a private catholic secondary school for girls. We have a student population of over 530 pupils and a teaching staff of circa 60. Loreto College Foxrock enjoys excellent facilities since the opening of our new capital development project in 2012. We also enjoy generous grounds.

How much does it cost to go to Loreto College?

Loreto College Foxrock – Fee Information. The tuition fee for the academic year 2019/20 is €4,375 per pupil. There is a 5% discount in the tuition fee for families with two daughters in the school at the same time, 10% discount with three daughters, 20% discount for four daughters and 10% discount for families with twin daughters.

Who is the head of Finance at Loreto College?

Any queries on the school fees and capital development donation should be addressed to our Head of Finance, Naoisha Maher, at [email protected] or on 2895637.