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Can you walk around the South of England Showground?

Can you walk around the South of England Showground?

Go through a gate and turn right onto a wide road which passes through the South of England Showground. Turn left onto the main road. Cross the road opposite Alderwood Cottages. Just after the cottages follow the bridleway downhill….Ardingly – 9 miles.

OS Grid Ref TQ 335 286
GPS Longitude -0.096887
Post Code RH17 6SQ

Can you walk around Ardingly Showground?

This walk covers a varied and lovely area north of the village of Ardingly. It includes a section of the High Weald Landscape Circular route, going through part of the grounds of Wakehurst Place passing the new Kew Seed Bank and crosses an inlet of the Ardingly Reservoir.

Can you take dogs to the South of England Show?

Can I bring my dog? Although dogs are allowed in to the showground, we recommend that dogs are best left at home for the South of England Show due to the number of people on site and since dogs are not allowed in livestock and indoor areas. Please do not leave dogs in cars.

Where is the South of England Agricultural Show held?

West Sussex
South of England Showground, Ardingly, West Sussex, RH17 6TL.

Is Ardingly reservoir muddy?

The paths are firm for the most part, but the woodland stretches can be very muddy in winter and some stretches of the bridleway alongside the reservoir are muddy all year round, so good boots are a must. 3. There are a few sections of road walking on quiet lanes so take care of traffic.

How many people attend the South of England Show?

The South of England Show 2021 is the region’s premier Country Show, attracting 65,000+ visitors from all over the country across the three days of the Show on 11–13 June 2021.

Is the New Forest Show Cancelled?

Following a review of the current pandemic and the Government roadmap the board members of the New Forest Agricultural Show Society have made the difficult decision to cancel the 2021 New Forest and Hampshire County Show.

Can you take your own paddle board to Ardingly Reservoir?

Our boards are available for you to hire from 10am -5pm and require no experience – just hop on and paddle away!

Are you allowed to swim in Ardingly Reservoir?

South East Water does not support free swimming in Ardingly Reservoir and repeatedly gives out warnings to people about the potential dangers associated with open water. Dangers to swimmers can include: An accumulation of silt on the bottom of the reservoir trapping feet.

Is there a side trail to Fay Canyon?

There is an unmarked side trail that is kind of hard to find. The side trail is difficult and very steep, but takes you to a natural rock arch. The arch is awe inspiring and there are good views from underneath it. This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

Where to see the arch in Fay Canyon?

Don’t miss the arch – it’s a short spur trail to the right about halfway up the main trail. You can see the arch from the spur…it looks like a cave. The hike to the arch was the only difficult part of the whole hike. We also climbed past the end of trail sign to see the box canyon from a little higher up.

Where is the car park at Fay Canyon?

The car park is across the road, on the east side. The hike is only 1 mile to the trail head. The arch can be seen from the path, we met some people who started to go up to the arch but said the path was not great/safe. This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.