Which bosses are demons in Karazhan?

Which bosses are demons in Karazhan?


  • Attumen the Huntsman. Attumen the Huntsman and Midnight Attumen is the first boss of Karazhan and seen by many as merely a gear-check.
  • Moroes.
  • Maiden of Virtue.
  • The Curator.
  • Terestian Illhoof.
  • Shade of Aran.
  • Netherspite.
  • Prince Malchezaar.

Is Karazhan a 10 man?

Karazhan is the first 10-person raid instance in The Burning Crusade Classic, accessible at launch. An abandoned ancient tower located in Deadwind Pass, Karazhan is notable for its last famous occupant, Medivh.

Can you disarm Malchezaar?

In addition, Prince Malchezaar will start using two new abilities, Amplify Damage and Summon Axes. Amplify Damage increases the damage taken by the target by 100% and can not be dispelled. Summon Axes will spawn Prince Malchezaar’s Axes, floating axes that are not targetable and will deal damage to a random target.

How much armor do bosses have in TBC?

Notice that all but 2 of the bosses have either 6200 or 7700 armor. A similar pattern occurs in the trash mobs: 5475/5700/5950 or 6800/7100/7400 for level 70/71/72 mobs. In terms of percentage reduction, these values result in either 34.15% or 39.15% armor reduction vs attackers of the same level as the mob.

Will Kara drop badges?

There should not be badges from Kara this early in the game.

Where is the Karazhan raid in World of Warcraft?

The Karazhan [54, 78] raid instance is located in the abandoned citadel (or castle) of the same name, which is located in southern Deadwind Pass in the Eastern Kingdoms. This raid was designed for level 70 characters and opened near the beginning of World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade .

Where is the broken stair in World of Warcraft?

The Broken Stair is after the stairs leading from the Opera event. The terrace is notable for the summonable boss Nightbane and just by the terrace door, the Servant’s Entrance to the upper tower. Kings for each side of the Chess Event are King Llane piece and Warchief Blackhand piece.

Where is the return to Karazhan dungeon located?

The Return to Karazhan is a dungeon located in southern Deadwind Pass in the Eastern Kingdoms, designed for level 110 characters. It prominently features the story of the Last Guardian, Medivh, as well as his apprentice, Khadgar.

Where to find the Unliving caretaker in Karazhan?

The Unliving Caretaker is a friendly NPC found in Karazhan in the Deadwind Pass Hub area. She provides the raid with a quest to retrieve the soul of her sister in a Phylactery. Once the task is completed you turn in the Phylactery to her.