Where is the impeller mounted for an overhung impeller pump?

Where is the impeller mounted for an overhung impeller pump?

Overhung Impeller Type: The impeller is mounted on the end of a shaft which is “overhung” from its bearing supports.

What is an overhung impeller pump?

A centrifugal pump whose impeller is mounted on the end of a shaft that overhangs its bearings.

How many sections make up an overhung impeller centrifugal pump configuration?

Pump models are divided into five sections, beginning with overhung pumps and continuing through specialty designs.

What are the different types of casing used in centrifugal pump?

The three basic casing types primarily used for centrifugal pumps are the single volute, double volute and vaned diffuser.

What is the type of flow outside of impeller?

When the fluid comes out from the rotating impeller at that time also fluid has a vortex motion because of the inertia of the fluid. But since the external torque is absent outside the casing therefore it becomes free vortex flow.

What is VS type pump?

VS1 type pump is a single casing vertically suspended type design. It is used as a wet pit or diffuser pump. The column of a pump is used as a discharge from the pump.

What material is used for pump impeller?

Cast iron
Cast iron has hitherto been the most extensively used material for the manufacture of pump impellers. Cast iron, however is notorious for its poor corrosion resistant property. Cast iron is a generic term that applies to high carbon-iron alloys containing silicon. These irons are extremely hard and brittle.

What kind of pump has an overhung impeller?

These back-to-basic tutorials explore different pump types, including various centrifugal and rotary pumps. Part One focuses on centrifugal pumps with an overhung impeller.

Where is the impeller located on a high speed pump?

(OH) High-speed integral geared – These pumps have a speed-increasing gearbox integral with the pump. The impeller is mounted directly to the gearbox output shaft. There is no coupling between the gearbox and pump; however, the gearbox is flexibly coupled to its driver.

Which is an example of a impeller between bearings?

• Impeller Between Bearings Type: The impeller is mounted on a shaft with the bearings at both ends. The impeller is mounted “between bearings”.Example: –The impeller pushes the liquid in a direction parallel to the pump shaft. –Most of the pressure is developed propelling or lifting the vanes on the liquid.

Which is part of the pump contains the impeller chamber?

(BB1) (BB3) (BB) Radially split – Split of the pump casing with the principal joint perpendicular to the shaft centerline. (BB2) (BB) Single Casing – The portion of the pump that includes the impeller chamber and volute / diffuser. This part contains a single part and is not enclosed in a pressure case or barrel.