What weld position is 2G?

What weld position is 2G?

vertical position
2G Position In the 2G welding position, the pipe is in the vertical position and can be rotated along the vertical (Y) axis. The welder’s position remains stationary. Welding is performed on the side of the pipe in a horizontal direction.

What is 2G MIG weld test?

A 2G weld test checks your proficiency at producing welds that meet specific criteria for the finished weld and includes: Welding two horizontal beveled plates. Proper setup. Making the weld with or without a backer plate.

What is 3 G welding?

Welding in a 3G position means moving the torch vertically, up and down across a surface. This is in contrast with 1G (flat surface welding), 2G (horizontal welding), and 4G (overhead ceiling welding).

How many passes 2G weld?

Welds in either instance can be perfectly acceptable when made by a skilled welder. That same joint in the 2G (horizontal) position would probably require a minimum of four passes but may take as many as nine or 10.

What are groove welds?

0 Standard Welding Terms and Definitions as “A weld in a weld groove on a workpiece surface, between workpiece edges, between workpiece surfaces, or between workpiece edges and surfaces.” A weld groove is defined as “A channel in the surface of a workpiece or an opening between two joint members providing space to …

What is root pass?

Root Pass – The first weld bead placed in the weld joint in a multi-pass weld. Fill – Also referred to as a fill pass, it is the amount of weld bead necessary to fill the weld joint. This pass comes after the root pass and before the cap pass (see next). It allows for good penetration and tie-in in the completed weld.

What is 3F welding position?

The 3F and 3G refer to vertical fillet and vertical groove positions. When welding vertically, the force of gravity pushes the molten metal downward and so it has the tendency to pile up. To counteract this, you can use either an upward or downhill vertical position.