What kind of traction system does Camaro ZL1 have?

What kind of traction system does Camaro ZL1 have?

Available on SS, standard on ZL1 and SS with the 1LE Performance Package, it works with the Performance Traction Management system and eLSD to provide stability at high speeds, making the system exceptionally responsive and providing increased wheel control. Every form of Camaro.

What’s the Inside Story of a Camaro convertible?

The Camaro convertible’s inside story is a mixed bag of nuts. For the driver, the leather-trimmed front seat is a comfortable and supportive enough pilot’s chair, but the front passenger has to deal with a glove box that bulges irritatingly into the poor rider’s knees and makes entry and exit a challenge too. Rear seat room?

Is the 2011 Chevy Camaro a convertible car?

We didn’t entirely get the 2011 Chevy Camaro Convertible when it made its debut in L.A., but when we saw it in public, on the road, we got it. In traffic, it stands out without screaming.

What are the special editions of the Chevy Camaro?

The Shock and Steel Special Editions feature a racing-inspired center stripe and bold Shock yellow color. Camaro Convertible upholds the bold design that makes Camaro a Camaro. Now also available on LT1 models, the RS Package intensifies the rush. A legacy of street dominance meets track performance with the 1LE Track Package.

Is the ZL1 1LE compatible with 2018 Camaro SS?

The ZL1 1LE-Spec High-Wing Spoiler is not compatible with full-view, rear-camera-equipped Camaro models. 2018 and newer Camaro SS Coupes only. *Results as tested in the wind tunnel in recommended track format with front tire deflectors removed.

What is the aero package on a Camaro?

This aggressive ZL1 Spec Spoiler Kit reduces vehicle lift by 61% with a 3% increase in drag when installed on the Camaro SS while paired with the Camaro SS accessory ground effects or front splitter package.† It can also be used alone to enhance your vehicle’s styling.

Which is the best spoiler for a Camaro?

Available in select body colors or gloss black. Enhance the look and performance of your Camaro with this Wicker Bill Spoiler Kit. It’s track-tested and developed by Chevrolet engineers to increase rear downforce when mounted to the Camaro Blade Spoiler.