What is the max SQL date?

What is the max SQL date?

According to the docs, the max time value of a datetime is “23:59:59.997” – so using “. 999~” would try to round it up to the next day, in the year 10000!

How do you find the highest value in SQL?

To find the max value of a column, use the MAX() aggregate function; it takes as its argument the name of the column for which you want to find the maximum value. If you have not specified any other columns in the SELECT clause, the maximum will be calculated for all records in the table.

Can you use Max on date in SQL?

SQL MAX Date MIN and MAX can be used with numeric, string, and date values.

How do I get the oldest date in SQL?

Oldest or Most Recent records relative to another field

  1. SELECT user_id, MAX(created_at) FROM orders GROUP BY user_id.
  2. SELECT users. username, latest_orders.
  3. SELECT orders.
  4. SELECT holding_value_stamps.
  5. SELECT holding_value_stamps1.
  6. HoldingValueStamp.

How do I sort by date in SQL query?

Introduction to SQL ORDER BY DATE

  1. Syntax and parameters:
  2. Using DESC to sort records in descending order.
  3. Using DATE PARTS such as MONTH, DAY, HOUR, etc. as an argument in ORDER BY clause.
  4. Using two DATE arguments in ORDER BY clause.
  5. Using DATE obtained from DATEADD function as an argument in ORDER BY clause.

What’s the maximum date value in SQL Server?

Here is the maximum value for a datetime datatype in SQL Server: 9999-12-31 23:59:59.997

When to use Max ( ) on date value?

SQL MAX() on date value: Here we have discussed the usage of SQL MAX() function on date type of column of a table. SQL WHERE clause along with the SQL MAX() can be used as a subquery to find the maximum value of a column based upon some condition.

What’s the maximum precision for a date value?

The maximum precision for a datetime value is 3 milliseconds. This is why the ending milliseconds above are shown as 997 instead of 999.

How to select only the rows with Max ( date )?

You may not care about the performance for such a small sample, but in large queries, it all adds up. SELECT t1.OrderNo, t1.PartCode, t1.Quantity FROM table AS t1 INNER JOIN (SELECT OrderNo, MAX (DateEntered) AS MaxDate FROM table GROUP BY OrderNo) AS t2 ON (t1.OrderNo = t2.OrderNo AND t1.DateEntered = t2.MaxDate)