What is a noun that starts with an M?

What is a noun that starts with an M?

50 Nouns Starting With M

Noun Definition Synonym
meal food eaten together breakfast, lunch, dinner
meat food that comes from the bodies of animals muscle, beef, pork
media the entities that communicate information newspaper, press, publishers
medicine a drug or herb used to maintain health analgesic, antibiotic, pill

What is a cool word that starts with M?

40 Magnificent M-Words To Maximize Your Vocabulary


What are animals that start with the letter M?

Animals that start with M

  • Macaque.
  • Macaw.
  • Mackerel.
  • Magpie.
  • Mako Shark.
  • Mallard Duck.
  • Mamba.
  • Manatee.

What are some nouns that begin with that letter M?


  • myalgia
  • mycelium
  • mycetes
  • mycoderma
  • mycologist
  • mycology
  • mycoprotein
  • mycose
  • mycothrix
  • What are some positive words that start with M?

    To Jane Michelle Adolfo, Below are just a few of the positive adjectives that start with “m”: magical. majestic. mannerly. manly. matched.

    What verbs start with the letter M?

    Verbs that start with m and end with m. maim. misaffirm. misbeseem. misdeem. misform. misinform. misreform.

    What words start with M?

    Positive Words that Start with M. Majestic, magnanimous, and magnificent, the letter “M” is undoubtedly one of the most memorable letters in the English alphabet. In Egyptian writing , its ideogram is derived from the character for water, which explains why it’s so gracefully written.