What does luminate mean?

What does luminate mean?

To illuminate
Filters. (obsolete) To illuminate.

What is the difference between illuminate and luminate?

As verbs the difference between luminate and illuminate is that luminate is (obsolete) to illuminate while illuminate is to shine light on something.

Is luminate a Scrabble word?

No, luminate is not in the scrabble dictionary.

What is the root word for illuminate?

Illumination is light. The Latin root is illuminationem, “throw into light” — you can picture the light bulb over a person’s head in a cartoon to remember the various meaning of illumination.

What is blackbaud luminate?

About Blackbaud Luminate Online Luminate Online Marketing is an online fundraising and marketing automation software for non-profits. The solution offers a host of interactive tools to develop dynamic marketing campaigns and organize online fundraising events.

What is a sentence for illuminate?

Illuminate sentence example. She opened the single wardrobe, pushing the doors open enough for the room’s light to illuminate the contents. Torch lights illuminate from a different level than the ground lighting. In such instruments an arrangement is often required to intensely illuminate the object.

What is illumination in the Bible?

Illumination of Christian Bibles seems to have been taken place from an early date. In this Greek Bible, the decorative panels at the end of each book (‘endpieces’) include stylised botanical images as well as other forms, such as a chalice, a Eucharistic symbol.

What is luminate CRM?

Email. Part of Blackbaud’s Luminate Suite, Luminate CRM is a cloud-based constituent engagement platform designed to help nonprofits better engage their donors, expand their communication efforts, and grow their online fundraising strategies through a variety of channels.

What is convio luminate?

Convio Luminate™ is a complete cloud-based constituent engagement solution. Luminate combines the industry’s most successful online fundraising suite with the world’s most powerful CRM platform, leading analytics technologies, and expertise to meet the complex needs of enterprise nonprofits.

What does Luminate mean?

luminate (third-person singular simple present luminates, present participle luminating, simple past and past participle luminated) (obsolete) To illuminate.

Is Luminate a word?

Here are all the possible meanings and translations of the word luminate. Origin: luminatus, past participle of luminare to illumine, from lumen light. Origin: [L. luminatus, p. p. of luminare to illumine, fr. lumen light. Luminate, Inc. (previously known as Pixazza,…

What is another word for illuminate?

illuminate(verb) add embellishments and paintings to (medieval manuscripts) Synonyms: crystallise, clear up, shed light on, sort out, crystalise, light up, crystalize, enlighten, illumine, light, straighten out, elucidate, crystallize, illume, clear.

What does Lumine mean in Latin?

Lumine is Latin for light which is words like illuminate or luminescent come from 2. A smile of joy 3. A ray of sunshine” and is of Latin origin. According to a user from Massachusetts, U.S., the name Lumine is of Latin origin and means “Light”.