How many watts is good for an ebike?

How many watts is good for an ebike?

Just pedaling along at a typical cruising speed for a non-sporting rider (about 9 mph) takes about 30 watts, about the same energy as normal walking. Go up to 20 mph, and thus rapidly increasing aerodynamic loads, and 220 watts is needed—more than most non-athletes can sustain.

How fast will a 48v 1000w ebike go?

That is 36.3 miles per hour. So up to that speed, you can hit the throttle and get an assist. It was quite weird when going down a long, steep downhill to hit the throttle and feel the motor provide even more speed. This motor is FAST.

How much torque does a 1500 watt ebike have?

The 1500 watt ebike kit has tons of torque, and enough speed to get you in trouble if you daydream while riding like I do, lol. I could not be happier with the kit, the salesman and the exceptional service. My wife wants the 30c3 ebike for her birthday, look forward to working with Rafe again!

What kind of battery does a 1500W electric bike have?

The bike is equipped with 1500w motor with the strong driving force and endurance and large capacity 48V 14 AH lithium battery. The battery is removable and supports 30mph speed with charging time 4-6 hours.

Is the 52v 1500W ebike kit water proof?

Review of 52v 1500w ebike kit after 1200 miles. First of all, Rafe is very knowledgeable about bicycling in total, very fast to respond to questions and concerns and is very honest. He will not try to up-sell you on something you do not need, and offers free alternatives to accomplish your needs if he can.

How long does an electric bike conversion kit last?

Installing an electric bike kit is easy to do, can be done in just an hour or so, and can last for many years if done right initially. Deciding on the right electric bike conversion kit, the one that suits your riding style and your bike best, is the most important decision you’ll make during this process.