How do I call a stored procedure using NHibernate?

How do I call a stored procedure using NHibernate?

You can:

  1. Use ADO.NET directly, opening a new IDbConnection or getting the ISession ‘s connection, creating an IDbCommand , etc.
  2. Create an NHibernate listener and configure it in the Configuration , to execute this stored procedure when certain other events are sent through the NHibernate pipeline.

How does stored proc work?

A stored procedure is compiled code that you can call from within T-SQL statements or from client applications. Instead of the SQL Server sending all the data to the client and having the client run a query, the client sends a request to the server to run the procedure.

Is stored procedure safe from SQL injection?

Some database programmers believe that by using stored procedures, their code are safe from SQL injection Attacks. That is not true because, if dynamic query is used inside the stored procedures and the dynamic query is constructed by concatenating the parameters it is at high risk of attack.

How do I protect a SQL stored procedure?

To secure stored procedures from SQL injection attacks:

  1. Open the stored procedure for editing in either SQL Server Management Studio or Visual Studio.
  2. Select the body of the stored procedure.
  3. In the ApexSQL menu, select ApexSQL Refactor.
  4. Select the Encapsulate code as -> Stored procedure command.

Are stored procedures safer?

A non-dynamic sql stored procedure won’t allow this, because the input parameter won’t execute as extra sql. Parametrized SQL does take care of this, but technically stored procedures are still a little more secure, because the user accessing information in the table doesn’t need Read Access.

What are the parameters in Stored Procedures?

Parameters are used to exchange data between stored procedures and functions and the application or tool that called the stored procedure or function: Input parameters allow the caller to pass a data value to the stored procedure or function.

Do stored procedures improve security?

1 Answer. The theory behind using stored procedures for increased security is that you don’t give DML access directly to users. The idea is that users never get anything other than execute permissions on the procedures.

What is the aim of NHibernate and stored procedures?

The aim was to execute a stored procedure and return the results, but it took several iterations for me to end up with a working solution. In this post I am simply trying to put the required code in one place, in the hope that the snippets may be useful in guiding someone else through the same process.

What do you need to know about NHibernate in C #?

There are four code snippets that I required: The XML mapping file that allows NHibernate to map from C# to the procedure and back again The procedure was designed to take a UserId and, from this, go and grab some profile data for that user. Simple, right?

How to use stored procedures in Hibernate 3?

Starting from Hibernate 3, we have the possibility to use raw SQL statement including stored procedures to query a database. In this section, we are going to walk through a seemingly basic example that will illustrate how to call the GetAllFoos () procedure using Hibernate.

What is the alias method for NHibernate in C #?

There are a number of ‘Set’ methods (i.e. SetInt32) that allow you specify values for any parameters in the procedure. The AliasToBean method is then required to map the returned scalars (as specified in the XML) to the correct C# class.