How big is the South Texas Medical Center?

How big is the South Texas Medical Center?

900 acres
The South Texas Medical Center (STMC) or Bexar Country Hospital District consists of 900 acres (360 ha) of medical-related facilities on the northwest side of San Antonio, Texas, USA.

Who owns South Texas Health Systems?

Universal Health Services, Inc.
South Texas Health System is owned and operated by a subsidiary of Universal Health Services, Inc. (UHS). UHS is one of the largest and most innovative healthcare management companies in the nation.

What is the oldest hospital in Texas?

Brackenridge Hospital
Brackenridge Hospital, in Austin, the oldest public hospital in Texas, opened on July 3, 1884.

When was McAllen medical Center built?

South Texas Health System McAllen/Founded

Serving the People of the Rio Grande Valley Since 1919 South Texas Health System McAllen’s full service acute care facility opened in December 1985 after spending more than 50 years in downtown McAllen, Texas as McAllen Municipal Hospital, McAllen General Hospital and McAllen Methodist Hospital.

Who has the biggest medical center in the world?

Texas Medical Center
The Texas Medical Center is the largest medical center in the world with one of the highest densities of clinical facilities for patient care, basic science, and translational research.

How many employees does South Texas Health System have?

2,200 employees
South Texas Health System has deep roots in the Rio Grande Valley. Now home to more than 2,200 employees at nine facilities, it’s the largest healthcare provider in the area.

Who owns McAllen Medical Center?

South Texas Health System
In a 2015 peer-reviewed study ranking the United States’ most expensive hospitals South Texas Health System, which owns hospitals including McAllen, was ranked as the 48th most expensive, charging roughly 9.2 times the amount procedures cost.

Where is the South Texas Medical Center in San Antonio?

District of San Antonio. The South Texas Medical Center (STMC) consists of 900 acres (360 ha) of medical-related facilities on the northwest side of San Antonio, Texas, USA.

What was the health system in South Texas?

The history of South Texas Health System stretches back to humble beginnings a century ago. The cities of McAllen and Edinburg were center stage for healthcare growth. A century ago, McAllen residents got a doctor’s care any way they could. In 1918, Dr. Frank Osborn built a pharmacy and medical offices in McAllen.

How did the Texas Medical Center get its name?

In 1941, the Texas State Legislature granted funds to the University of Texas for the purpose of starting a cancer research hospital. The M.D. Anderson Foundation matched the state’s gift to the university by supplying funds and land on the condition that the hospital be established in Houston and named after its founder.

How many people work at South Texas Medical Center?

In 2009, 27,884 persons were directly employed at the center, and the combined budget of all entities at the South Texas Medical Center totaled $3.3 billion. STMC is the San Antonio area’s second largest employer.