Can you have a wedding in a park NJ?

Can you have a wedding in a park NJ?

You are absolutely allowed to use any park area to take your wedding pictures with no charge as long as the photos being taken are for personal use only. Please call our reservation office at (732) 745-3900 to see if there are any events going on in the park that will interfere with your photos.

Do you need a permit to get married in a park in NJ?

There are so many cool places to get married in New Jersey, including your own home or backyard! Most public parks have no problem with the five or six of us. If you’re thinking more than 10, you should call to make sure you don’t need a permit. Often, that permit is free, but necessary.

Can you get married in Liberty State Park?

Wedding receptions/ceremonies are not permitted in the park. For information, please contact the Special Events Department, at the park office, 201-915-3400, Ext.

Who can officiate a wedding in NJ?

In the state of New Jersey, any ordained minister or clergy member of any religion may perform a wedding. This means that priests, rabbis, reverends, pastors and other spiritual leaders are entitled to officiate at a wedding, as long as they are duly ordained.

Is there free parking at Liberty State Park?

Liberty State Park offers several parking lots where there is no charge for parking. You only need the paid parking lot if you will be taking the ferry.

Where to get married on the beach in New Jersey?

The Grand Hotel of Cape May is a stunning beachside wedding venue in Cape May, New Jersey. Classic elegance coupled with a laid-back beach attitude makes this an enticing venue for all types of special events. This locale combines graceful touches with modern amenities to meet your wedding day

Where is the best wedding venue in NJ?

Addison Park is a wedding venue in Aberdeen, New Jersey. This elegant banquet hall venue is family-owned and operated by the Campitiello family. The building was purchased by the family back in 2006, and completely renovated to be the beautiful, modern, and unique venue that it is today. With over (Park & Outdoor Weddings New Jersey)

Where to have a wedding in Seaside Park?

Imagine, your Wedding Ceremony on the beach, your feet nestled in the sand of Seaside Park. Inside, during your Wedding Reception, the windows open, a refreshing breeze drifts through the banquet. The invigorating smell of salt water rinses over you and your guests.

How to have a beach wedding in Asbury Park?

Asbury Park requiers you to purchase liability insurance for your ceremony. If you own a home you can get a 1 day rider on your homeowners insurance. If you don’t own a home or prefer to just buy 1 day event insurance you can buy it through most insurance agencies.I can recommend Aaron Levin at LG Insurance Agency.