Can I use my Chatr Sim on a Rogers phone?

Can I use my Chatr Sim on a Rogers phone?

SIM cards from Chatr (available in Mini, Micro, and Nano sizes) are compatible with any GSM or HSPA+ device, such as those designed to be used with Rogers Wireless. This includes devices from Rogers itself, plus its mobile virtual network operators such as Fido and 7-Eleven Speak Out Wireless.

Can I use an iPhone with Chatr?

chatr offers Micro or Nano SIMs required for smartphones. For iOS9 or later you can use chatr data on your iPhone/iPad immediately.

Does Chatr have the same coverage as Rogers?

Every plan offered from chatr mobile provides nationwide coverage on the Rogers network. If you’re on a chatr plan that uses in-zone coverage, you may consider moving to a newer plan that provides nationwide service.

Can I switch from Rogers to Chatr?

Do I need to unlock my phone? Even if you’re jumping from Rogers to Chatr then you’ll be fine since they both use the same cell network.

Can I bring my own phone to Chatr?

Will my phone work with a chatr SIM Card? Yes, your phone will work with a chatr SIM if it’s an unlocked phone and compatible with our network. Our network availability varies by frequency; phones that support more frequencies will have access to more wireless coverage.

Can I bring my own phone to chatr?

Which one is better Chatr or freedom?

Chatr uses Rogers towers and the signal is great. There’s no comparison to Freedom with the signal, CHATR KILLZ FREEDOM!! If you like regular speed, not slow, but regular and a great signal go Chatr. If you like MEGA data, dropped calls, and worthless signals go Freedom.

Can I use my old phone number with a new SIM card?

Can I still keep my number if I’m moving to a SIM Only deal? Yes, you can. Your new network will port your mobile number over to your new SIM. If you’re keeping the same mobile phone but changing networks, remember to check if your handset is locked to your existing network.

How much does a chatr SIM card cost?

A chatr SIM card has a cost of $10.00.

Can a chatr phone work with a Rogers SIM card?

Most Rogers phone do not work with Fido sim cards and most Fido phones do not work with Rogers sim cards (unless unlocked), yet they all use the same network. There must be something about these Chatr sim cards and I suspect that they are actually coded so that they send the phone a message that they are actually Rogers sim cards.

Can a Chatr SIM card work on a Fido phone?

The ChatR sim cards DO work in Rogers phones, every one we’ve tried has worked (they realized this a couple weeks before launch). Can’t confirm on Fido, none of us had a SIM to test with. Just signed up for Chatr this morning in Ottawa. Sim card was only $10, Chatr girls at the kiosk were knowledgeable and friendly.

Do you get prepaid minutes with Rogers SIM card?

Prepaid minutes are not included with the Rogers SIM card. You will have to talk to a Rogers representative or purchase a prepaid voucher in order to add minutes to your prepaid account. What happens if my SIM card is lost or stolen?

Can you use a Rogers SIM card on a Doro?

In theory you can take your SIM card and insert it into any device provided by Rogers; however, some devices (i.e., DORO, Rocket™ hub, iPad, iPhone, Rocket™ stick and embedded laptops) require a specific SIM card in order to activate the device. Click on the link to see our list of SIM Cards and the devices that are associated with them.