Benefits of Buying OSRS Gold – Skipping the Mundane Money Grind

Benefits of Buying OSRS Gold – Skipping the Mundane Money Grind

The biggest benefit of buying OSRS gold is the ability to skip the mundane money grind. Whenever you’re gaining gold, often you’re doing it at the expense of fun and the ability to optimally train your skills.

At lower levels, you actually receive the worst of it. Methods you have access to will provide you with very little money, as at low levels, anyone can do it. Hence, there’s a high degree of saturation. Runite Ore is worth a lot because it’s difficult to mine, with difficult locations to retrieve it from, and a high Mining level required to obtain it. Whereas Iron Ore, which you can access at a low level, will only give you a low amount of experience per hour and a low amount of gold. It’s actually better to power-mine the Iron, rather than selling the Iron on – but if you need the gold, you’re going to have to sell something.

There’s often no balance between methods that generate your money, versus methods that give you experience. For example, if you’re doing Blast Furnace, you can smelt Runite bars for around 900,000 gold per hour. You’ll receive 100,000 experience per hour. However, if you consider smithing gold bars, with golden gauntlets, you’ll lose money. Despite losing money, you’d gain around 400,000 experience per hour.

There’s essentially nobody who enjoys the Blast Furnace experience – it’s very repetitive. It’s like doing factory work when you’d rather be out there, bossing right? Or you’d rather solve an intriguing puzzle in some new quest! Nobody would choose to do Blast Furnace willingly. If you were to go from 1-99 smithing Runite bars (which you can’t, by the way, as it requires level 85 Smithing), you’d spend 130 hours+ in the Blast Furnace. Bear in mind, that’s at peak efficiency, and most of us tend to lose concentration and get sidetracked. No one can perform at their peak constantly, that’s unreasonable to expect, but many guides and wikis will quote you optimal figures.

Sacrificing gold for experience will allow you to, in the end, prioritise fun. For Blast Furnace, making gold bars will cause you to lose 35 million gold. That’s a small price to pay to gain over 100 hours to do some alternative activity that provides you with fun. At the very least, you’ve actually gained time that you can use to develop any other skill that’s on your list. Whether you buy the gold, gold versus experience is an interesting topic. Unless that’s the best money making method, you have access to, you should actually sacrifice the gold. This is because, in the long run, you’ll lose in the battle of money AND experience, if you pursue an experience method that’s not your best money making method. Of course, you don’t have to worry about any particular method if you purchase gold.

Buying OSRS gold from RunescapeGoldMarkt will allow you to skip any boring money-making methods. In turn, this allows you to focus on methods that will grant you the highest amounts of experience. Aside from that, you’ll be free to do any fun activities. From bossing to questing, there’s something for everyone out there to actually enjoy.