Who is Nakilat and what does it do?

Who is Nakilat and what does it do?

Nakilat (Qatar Gas Transport Company Limited) is a Qatari shipping and maritime company providing the essential transportation link in the State of Qatar’s LNG supply chain.

Who is the owner of Nakilat LNG company?

Nakilat was established in 2004. In 2005, the company’s first two LNG vessels were delivered, and Nakilat shares were floated on the Qatar Exchange. Nakilat Agency Company (NAC) Ltd. was formed, with Nakilat owning 95% of the shares, to serve the agency needs for the Port of Ras Laffan.

What are the policies of Nakilat gas transport company?

One of Nakilat’s crucial policies is to ensure that our employees are given the proper opportunity to develop careers in a structured manner in order to advance into positions that will provide them with a platform to add value to Nakilat and the State of Qatar.

Is there a port agency in Nakilat Qatar?

Nakilat also provides port agency services through Nakilat Agency Company (NAC) for the Ports of Ras Laffan and Mesaieed and warehousing for vessels in Qatari waters via Nakilat’s Vessel Support Unit (VSU).

What makes Nakilat the best shipping company in the world?

Nakilat works closely with our partners to ensure the highest international safety, security and shipping standards are maintained across our fleet, in line with our commitment to safely, reliably and efficiently provide shipping services.

How big is the LNG fleet of Nakilat?

Our vessels are among the youngest and most modern gas carriers, incorporating advanced technology to ensure the safe, environmentally sound and cost-effective transportation of gas across the globe. Nakilat’s LNG fleet has a combined carrying capacity of over 9 million cubic meters, which is about 12% of the global LNG fleet carrying capacity.