Which branch of philosophy explores values?

Which branch of philosophy explores values?

Axiology is the branch of philosophy that considers the study of principles and values. These values are divided into two main kinds: ethics and aesthetics.

What are the 7 major branches of philosophy?

There are 7 branches of Philosophy, namely, Metaphysics, Axiology, Logic, Aesthetics, Epistemology, Ethics and Political Philosophy….The Philosophy of History is mainly studied in terms of four main branches:

  • Metaphysics.
  • Hermeneutics.
  • Epistemology.
  • Ethics.

What are the 5 major branches of philosophy?

The branches of philosophy and their sub-branches that are used in contemporary philosophy.

  • Aesthetics.
  • Epistemology.
  • Ethics.
  • Logic.
  • Metaphysics.
  • Philosophy of mind.
  • Philosophy of science.
  • Other.

What are the six branches of philosophy?

Six Branches of Philosophy – Epistemology, Logic, Metaphysics, Ethics, Aesthetics, Political Philosophy. These branches originate from basic questions.

What are the 3 philosophical method?

There are four different methods of philosophizing namely, logic, existentialism, analytic tradition, and phenomenology. Logic is the truth based on reasoning and critical thinking. It includes analysis and construction of arguments. It serves as path to freedom from half-truths and deception.

What are the two basic elements of philosophy?

The Elements of Philosophy: Readings from Past and Present offers an extensive collection of classic and contemporary readings, organized topically into five main sections: Religion and Belief, Moral and Political Philosophy, Metaphysics and Epistemology, Philosophy of Mind and Language, and Life and Death.

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How are the main branches of philosophy divided?

The Main Branches of Philosophy are divided as to the nature of the questions asked in each area. The integrity of these divisions cannot be rigidly maintained, for one area overlaps into the others.

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