What happened to Gloria Graham?

What happened to Gloria Graham?

Gloria Grahame, the actress best known for her screen portrayals of sulking and occasionally wisecracking blondes, died Monday night of cancer at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Manhattan. She was 55 years old.

Was Gloria Grahame a real person?

Gloria Grahame Hallward (November 28, 1923 – October 5, 1981) was an American actress and singer. She began her acting career in theatre, and in 1944 made her first film for MGM.

Who is Gloria Grahame married to?

Anthony Raym. 1960–1974
Cy Howardm. 1954–1957Nicholas Raym. 1948–1952Stanley Clementsm. 1945–1948
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Is Gloria Grahame still alive?

Deceased (1923–1981)
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Who was Gloria Grahame’s mother?

Jeanne McDougall
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What age is Gloria Grahame?

57 years (1923–1981)
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What movie did Gloria Grahame win an Oscar?

Academy Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role
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Can Gloria Grahame sing?

Tone deaf, Gloria Grahame, who played Ado Annie, sang without dubbing, which required that her songs to be edited together from recordings made almost literally note by note.

How old was Gloria Grahame when she died?

When did Gloria Grahame passed away?

October 5, 1981
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When did Gloria Grahame start her acting career?

Gloria Grahame (1923–1981) Gloria Hallward, an acting pupil of her mother (stage actress and teacher Jean Grahame), acted professionally while still in high school. In 1944 Louis B. Mayer saw her on Broadway and gave her an MGM contract under the name Gloria Grahame.

Who was Gloria Grahame in a Highland Fling?

Under the name Gloria Hallward she played Alicetrina MacLean in “A Highland Fling” produced and directed by George Abbott. The play ran 24 performances. See more » Did You Know? I remember everything, even the dates. But I don’t want others to remember the details, just the image. See more »

What was Gloria Grahame’s grandmother’s maiden name?

Jean (or Jeanne) McDougall (1890-1894), a Lochranza, Scotland-born stage actress and acting coach, known professionally as Jean Grahame (Gloria’s grandmother’s maiden name) and London-born decorator, architect and author Reginald Michael Bloxam Hallward (aka See more »