What does the foramen of Monro connect?

What does the foramen of Monro connect?

The interventricular foramen, also known as foramen of Monro, is part of the ventricular system and the connection between the third ventricle and the lateral ventricle.

What connects the 3rd and 4th ventricles?

The fourth ventricle is connected to the third ventricle by a narrow cerebral aqueduct.

Is foramen of Monro paired?

Introduction. The foramen of Monro is a short conduit between the paired lateral ventricles and the third ventricle of the brain. This deep structure becomes clinically significant when obstructed and leads to obstructive (non-communicating) hydrocephalus.

What does the foramen of Luschka communicate with?

The lateral ventricles communicate with the third ventricle through the interventricular foramen (foramen of Monro); the third and fourth ventricles communicate through the cerebral aqueduct and the fourth ventricle communicates with the spinal fluid in the arachnoid space through two lateral apertures (foramen of …

What does interventricular foramen mean?

Interventricular foramen: An opening between the lateral and third ventricles in the system of four communicating cavities within the brain that are continuous with the central canal of the spinal cord.

How many foramen of Monro are there?

Structure. The interventricular foramina are two holes (Latin: foramen, pl. foramina) that connect the left and the right lateral ventricles to the third ventricle.

Where is foramen of Monro found?

third ventricle
Introduction: The foramen of Monro lies at the junction between the paired lateral ventricles and the third ventricle of the brain.

What is the function of foramen of Luschka?

Results: The foramina of Luschka are paired apertures located in the lateral recesses of the fourth ventricle, within the posterior cranial fossa. The foramina of Luschka are of importance clinically as their blockage can disrupt the flow of cerebrospinal fluid leading to the development of hydrocephalus.

How are choroid plexus papillomas of the foramen of Luschka different?

In the first case, the tumor presented as an expansile mass of the foramen of Luschka, whereas in the second case the tumor arose from the foramen of Luschka and extended to the CP angle cistern.

Where are the Luschka joints located in the cervical spine?

Luschka joints are small synovial articulations, measuring 2 × 4 to 3 × 6 mm., situated between the five lower cervical vertebral bodies. They are located anteromedially to the mixed nerve root and posteromedially to the vertebral artery, vein, and sympathetics as these pass through the vertebral foramen.

Where is the foramen of Munro located in the brain?

Each lateral ventricle has a foramen of Munro which leads into a narrow channel called the sulcus of Monro. to join the 3rd ventricle. They are sitiated just posterior to the frontal horns and anterior to the body of the ventricle.

What was the significance of the Luschka joints?

Rechtman and Jackson (16) emphasized the significance of Luschka joints and regarded them as remnants of the complete synovial joints which are present in the lower vertebrates, such as birds. Luschka considered them homologues of dorsal costovertebral articulations.