What are overshot cards made from?

What are overshot cards made from?

Roll Turnover Tools.

  • 12GA PLAIN OVERSHOT CARDS. Made from cardboard, these discs sit on top of the shot for a Roll Turnover closure.
  • 12GA Capped CORK FILLERS.
  • 12GA FRANGIBLE DISCS. Designed for large shot sizes and Roll Turnover closures.
  • How thick are overshot cards?

    Cards are made of . 030″ thick cardboard and are recommended for all high performance loads. Notes: Overshot cards ensure flatter, tighter crimps, more consistent load combustion and better pellet containment.

    What are overshot cards?

    Overshot cards are placed on top of the shot column, just before crimping. Overshot cards aid the load’s combustion process. This produces more consistent pressures and velocities. Also, overshot card wads help the crimp to contain the payload (buffer) and keep contaminants and moisture out.

    What is the diameter of a 12 gauge overshot card?

    BPI Logo Red Overshot Card 12ga (per/500)

    Overshot Card Sizes
    ga/cal Bore Size Wad Size
    12ga .729″ .740″
    13ga .710″ .720″
    14ga .693″ .703″

    Do overshot cards affect patterns?

    Adding an overshot card (OS) or plastic seal (COS12) will improve crimps by providing a flat surface. Improved crimps deliver consistent shot to shot pressure which means consistent shot to shot patterns.

    What is the diameter of a 12 gauge shotgun wad?

    For instance, a 12 gauge shotgun has a bore diameter of . 729″, and 12 lead round balls of this diameter will weigh one pound. Thus, the smaller the number, the larger the bore diameter.

    What is a nitro card?

    Nitro cards are used as a seal or space between the powder and the plastic wad or directly underneath shot. They can be used in place of a plastic shotcup in many retro-style and English game loads.

    DO OVER shot cards affect patterns?

    Is maverik Nitro card free?

    How do I receive and activate a Nitro card? Stop by a Maverik store and ask an Adventure Guide (Maverik team member) for a free Nitro card. Activate your new Nitro card via the Maverik app or Once you have your Nitro card, open the Maverik app or go to

    What are nitro cards used for?

    Is maverik Nitro card a credit card?

    The Nitro card draws funds from your checking account after each transaction. It is not a credit card and you will never incur debt to Maverik.

    What are the specifications for an overshot card?

    Specifications: .030-.040″ (thickness can vary +/- .005″ due to material variation and humidity) Industry tolerances apply. Our testing lab has proven that poor crimps can alter the performance of an otherwise good load.

    Which is the best overshot card for ballistics?

    Our testing lab has proven that poor crimps can alter the performance of an otherwise good load. Overshot cards always produce better, more consistent crimps and this consistency is demonstrated in the standard deviation of loads in our lab. Our ballistic lab recommends overshot cards for better crimps in all loads.

    What kind of shot charge card do I Need?

    We use this card as an overshot card to hold the shot charge in place in muzzle loaders, brass shells, and roll crimped shotshells. Works equally well as a nitro card in applications where a thinner card is needed. Available in 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 16, 20, 24, and 28 gauges.

    Can a clear overshot disk be used for roll crimping?

    Clear Overshot Disks (either plain or printed with shot size) are also offered for great roll crimping options. See pictures in Additional Images or click on this link. Shotshell size selection: Use the same size gauge as your hull.