What AddOns work with ElvUI?

What AddOns work with ElvUI?


  • ElvUI Progressive DataBars Colors. Add some color to the DataBars!
  • ElvUI_LuckyoneUI. Luckyone’s ElvUI Edit: Layouts, Tags, Options and AddOn profiles.
  • MerathilisUI. ElvUI_MerathilisUI is an external ElvUI Mod.
  • Eltruism.
  • ToxiUI.

Is ElvUI updated for Shadowlands?

Whether you’re a brand new player or one returning from a long hiatus, the ElvUI team has you covered for Shadowlands with a completely updated version of ElvUI, a comprehensive UI replacement.

Where do I extract ElvUI?

Open the “World of Warcraft” folder on your computer using File Explorer in Windows or Finder on Mac OS X. Open the “Interface” folder, then open the “Add-ons” folder. Click back over to your desktop and copy the files named “ElvUI” and “ElvUI_Config” that were extracted earlier from the . zip file.

How do I import ElvUI profiles?

Open up the Elvui menu in-game by typing /ec. Go to Profiles. Click on Import Profile. Paste the export string in the field (make sure there are no extra spaces at the end of code, or you will get an error message) and click Import Now.

Is ElvUI not on Curseforge?

As you may have noticed, unlike other WoW addons ElvUI is not available on the known Twitch Client (Curseforge).

Is Tukui or ElvUI better?

ElvUI offers more complex customization options than TukUI, with an /ec config menu that’s immediately far more in-depth than that of TukUI. ElvUI is also available from You can alter much more of the basic look and function of ElvUI than TukUI with no requirement whatsoever for .

What is Tuk UI?

Tukui is a community revolving around sharing, coding and gaming. Tukui is a mature community of players dedicated to create an awesome gaming experience for World of Warcraft. The community was created in 2008.

What can you do with a unit frame addon?

AddOns that either add or modify unit frames. This addon allows more tracking of absorbs on ElvUIs raid frames. This custom Addon adds 14 new Fonts and 18 Textures to your ElvUI!

How do you download elvui addon for Wow?

In order to manually download ElvUI you can either click the “Download ElvUI ” button in the middle of the website, or click on “Addons” in the top navigation bar of the website, then click ElvUI and choose between “Download (Retail)” or “Download (Classic)” where retail means BfA / Shadowlands and classic means WoW: Classic.

How to choose the Ui scale in elvui?

From now on you can choose your UI scale within the ElvUI config, or press the “Auto Scale” button to use the value that was previously considered most optimal for your resolution. New Additions: Added new scale options. (/ec – General – Auto Scale | UI Scale) Added quality border option for Bag/Bank items.

What does elvui mean for World of Warcraft?

About ElvUI ElvUI is a full user interface replacement for World of Warcraft, which means it completely replaces the Blizzard default UI. ElvUI is not a collection of multiple addons, like some people may believe.