Is the offspring making a new album?

Is the offspring making a new album?

The Offspring have announced ‘Let The Bad Times Roll’, their first new album in nine years – you can listen to the title track below. The record is the veteran punk rock band’s first LP since 2012’s ‘Days Go By’, and will be released on April 16 via Concord Records.

Does the offspring have a new song?

Southern California rockers THE OFFSPRING have released a new song called “We Never Have Sex Anymore”. The track is taken from the band’s tenth studio album, “Let The Bad Times Roll”, which will arrive on April 16 via Concord Records.

Is Let The Bad Times Roll a cover?

As the 10th studio album for The Offspring, Let the Bad Times Roll was a struggle to produce. Events such as the COVID-19 pandemic to the bassist suing the band, this album took nearly 10 years to be released. This album consists of 14 relatively short tracks, including a previously released track and a cover.

Are the offspring conservative?

In fact, The Offspring come across as arch conservatives; reactionary to the core. This slightly unnerving experience recalled that moment when Friends appeared on Netflix earlier this year. Friends ran for a decade from 1994, roughly coinciding with the halcyon period of The Offspring’s career.

How much is The Offspring worth?

Why The Offspring is Worth Your $35 Million. Don’t underestimate pop-punk royalty.

What’s the name of the offsprings new song?

The Offspring – YouTube We are beyond thrilled to present you with our new single “Let The Bad Times Roll!” We are beyond thrilled to present you with our new single “Let The Bad Times Roll!”

Who are the band members of the offspring?

Contrary to the album/song name, it looks set to be a big year for The Offspring indeed! The Offspring is singer Dexter Holland, guitarist Noodles, drummer Pete Parada and new bassist Todd Morse. 1. This Is Not Utopia

Is the offspring let the Bad Times Roll a good album?

If there’s one positive note that can be offered to The Offspring on Let The Bad Times Roll though, it’s that they sound generally sufficient for what they are. Hardly glowing praise, sure, but it’s where the course correction feels most due, where they’ll cast back to their older sounds a bit more readily.

Who is the creator of the offspring on YouTube?

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