How much does an iTero scan cost?

How much does an iTero scan cost?

The iTero Element 5D Plus series ranges from $56,000 – $71,600, depending on whether you want the mobile version or not, and if you want the NIRI caries detection function. This price makes the iTero Element 5D Plus one of the most expensive scanners on the market. Note: this price includes a one-year service package.

What can the iTero scanner do?

How Does it Work? The iTero scanner digitally captures the structure of the teeth and gums using the latest optical technology. Your mouth is scanned with a radiation-free laser, and in as little as two to three minutes, the laser renders a digitally perfect, 3D impression of your teeth and soft tissue structures.

What is iTero digital scanner?

iTero is an intraoral scanner that features a wand, which a dentist or orthodontist moves around a patient’s mouth to capture pictures and create 3-D dental images in minutes. Intraoral digital scans from iTero help dentists create accurate dental models for restorative work like dental crowns and implants.

How long does an iTero scan take?

10-15 minutes
Most iTero scans take 10-15 minutes to perform. Once they’re done, both professional and patient can spend as much time as they like going over the scan and visualizing both projected progress and the final expected end result.

How do digital dental impressions work?

A digital impression is a virtual scan that creates a map of your teeth. By using lasers and other optical scanning devices, dentists can create a virtual, computer generated model of the hard and soft tissues in the mouth.

How many dentists use intraoral scanners?

The report, which includes the responses of 369 ACE Panel member dentists, found 53% of respondents use an intraoral scanner in their practices and 47% do not.

How does a dental scanner work?

The computer is installed with a scanner software and provides the end result of a dental scan. The wand is inserted into a patient’s mouth and is glided, by the orthodontist, across the bridge of the top and bottom teeth. As the wand moves, the scanner software is capturing the digital impression of the oral cavity.

Can you reuse iTero sleeves?

iTero Element scanner wands and screens can be easily disinfected in between scans by using the approved sanitizing wipes, while the iTero single-use disposable sleeve can be replaced. Your staff also avoid the additional sterilization of dental instruments which is required by analog impressions.

How does the Itero scanner help dental practice?

Together, we can build what’s next. Practice growth starts with the iTero scanner. A peer-reviewed study published by The Journal of Clinical Dentistry confirms the introduction of iTero digital scanning with Invisalign treatment increases case volume and drives practice growth.

How much does an Itero Invisalign scanner cost?

the iTero scanner can pay for itself1 12.42 additional Invisalign cases at 12 months1 $66,000

How can I become an Itero enabled lab?

Becoming an iTero enabled lab allows you to access the growing install base of iTero scanners and consistently deliver quality work to your clients. Boost your productivity and standard of care. Schedule a tailored Demo. Our team would be happy to arrange a virtual consultation.