How do you get rid of your Twitter background?

How do you get rid of your Twitter background?

To remove your Twitter header, click the “Settings and help” icon on the top right of Twitter, then click “Settings” in the menu. Click the “Profile” tab on the left, then “Change header.” If this button doesn’t appear as a drop-down menu, you don’t yet have a header photo.

How do I stop Twitter from showing my old tweets?

If you are using Twitter on the web, log into your account, click your profile icon in the top right corner and choose Settings. Under Content, uncheck the box next to “Show me the best Tweets first.” Twitter is not alone in its feed-fiddling.

How do you get the sensitive content on Twitter 2021?

Tap the _ icon in the top left navigation bar. Select Settings and privacy. Go to your Privacy and safety from the drop-down menu. Look for the Safety section and toggle the button next to Mark media you Tweet as containing material that may be sensitive so it turns blue.

How can I make my Twitter more attractive?

Make the most of those seconds by getting your profile right from the start.

  1. Use Your Real Name.
  2. Use a Real Photo of Yourself.
  3. Use a Header Image.
  4. Write a Killer Bio Optimized for SEO.
  5. Include a URL.
  6. Pin Tweets on a Regular Basis.
  7. Share Lots of Visual Content.
  8. Think About Filtered Views.

Why does Twitter keep switching back to top tweets?

Speaking of Twitter’s new layout, it’s rather a mobile version of Twitter with a lot of white space. That’s because Twitter automatically reverts you back to Top Tweets (or Home) a while after you choose to see the latest tweets instead. The functionality works likewise in the Twitter app.

Why can’t I change my Twitter sensitivity?

Tweets with sensitive content are normally hidden from searches, but you can enable them if you prefer. To do so, go to the Twitter website and click menu > Settings and Privacy > Content Preferences > Search Settings. Uncheck “Hide Sensitive Content” here.

How do I hide my sensitive content on Twitter?

To filter content: Go to on desktop > Select the menu (…) button > Settings and privacy > Privacy and safety > Scroll down to the “Safety” section > Search filters > Select “Hide sensitive content.”

How do I make my twitter name stand out?

Find tips for making your Twitter profile stand out.

  1. #1: Zig When They Zag. This one’s easy: Don’t do what everyone else is doing.
  2. #2: Use Brief Sentences and Links.
  3. #3: Use One Word.
  4. #4: Stretch the Truth.
  5. #5: Update Frequently.
  6. #6: Acknowledge Your Audience.