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Which country code is 0393?

Which country code is 0393?

Area codes

010 Geographically Independent Numbers
0390 Gränna
0392 Mullsjö
0393 Vaggeryd
040 Malmö

What are 0114 numbers?

0114 is the national dialling code for Sheffield in the United Kingdom. The area it serves includes almost all of the City of Sheffield and some adjacent areas.

What is area code Malaysia?

Malaysia/Dialing codes

What do Swedish mobile numbers start with?

Calls to Sweden from abroad require the country code (46) followed by the area code and telephone number (omitting the first zero in the area code). Mobile-phone codes start with 010, 070, 076, 073 and 0730.

Where is 041 phone code?

Area Code Maps

Area Code MNA
0404 Wicklow
041 Drogheda
041 Ardee
042 Dundalk

What’s an 0113 number?

The 0113 area code is a 3 digit geographical dialling code (excluding the zero) used in telecommunications for the Leeds area. The local telephone numbers within the 0113 are 7 digits long.

How do I dial 0114 from abroad?

Dial the international access code for the country you are calling from (typically 00, 011, or +) Dial the country code for the United Kingdom (44) Dial the area code for Sheffield without the first zero (114) Dial the phone number of the person/business.

Where is +60 number from?

Telephone numbers in Malaysia

Country calling code +60
International call prefix 00
Trunk prefix 0

What area code is 05?

05: Victoria regional areas and South Western New South Wales River Murray border areas downstream of Rutherglen. 06: Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales regional areas outside the 04 codes and some far North Eastern parts of Victoria.