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Where are Swiss side wheels made?

Where are Swiss side wheels made?

Swiss Side wheels are designed in Switzerland and produced in collaboration with wheel engineering experts DT Swiss resulting in the highest quality and performance.

Does DT Swiss make carbon wheels?

“DT Swiss have built a high-quality set of carbon mountain bike wheels for the performance minded end of the market.”

Are DT Swiss hubs loud?

The Hope hub was really loud, which usually wouldn’t be a deterrent. But, after a demo day at a LBS and riding a bike with the DT 350 hub and hearing how quiet it was, it quickly became a consideration.

What kind of rims do DT Swiss use?

The shallow rims are on of the nicest looking wheels around this price point too. The 23mm black rims offering with white hubs giving a classy look. Those rims measure up 18mm internally meaning that they are a smidge wider than most others recently tested, giving a nice wide stance to the tyre on the road.

Is the DT Swiss 1600 spline 23 disc brake?

DT Swiss PR 1600 SPLINE… The only downside to the 1600 Spline 23 wheel was the odd skewer it had for the rim brake version. We now have the disc brake version, which doesn’t have that issue and so rubber stamped its way into Editor’s Choice for 2019.

How much does a DT Swiss MTB wheel weigh?

It’s been a while since DT’s wheel numbers matched up to its weight and if you’re thinking the recently refreshed XM1700’s are going to weigh 1,700g you’re in for a 300g shock. The Ratchet System 36 SL freehubs only engage every 10-degrees of turn, too, so that can leave big gaps in pick up.

Are there ceramic speed bearings in DT Swiss wheels?

Yes, aerodynamics and the use of Ceramic Speed bearings come into play, of course in the out-and-out stiffness of a wheelset – but it wasn’t totally night and day between wheels, wheels that cost nearly £2000 more. Good job DT Swiss.