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When copper reacts with nitric acid the correct balanced equation?

When copper reacts with nitric acid the correct balanced equation?


How does nitric acid react with the following 1 copper 2 Zn?

When concentrated nitric acid reacts with copper, copper gets oxidized and produces Cu2 + ions. Nitric acid is then reduced to nitrogen dioxide which is a poisonous brown gas with an irritating odour. When zinc reacts with dilute nitric acid, zinc nitrate is formed along with hydrogen gas.

Why does copper dissolve in nitric acid but not hydrochloric acid?

Why will copper dissolve in nitric acid but not in hydrochloric acid? Concentrated nitric acid is a strong oxidizing agent which is capable of oxidizing copper to soluble copper(II) ions, whereas hydrochloric acid is not a strong oxidizing agent and the copper does not react with the hydrochloric acid.

Is Cu2+ Cu spontaneous?

(Cu2+/Cu) < (O2/H2O) Cu2+ has a more negative E°cell and H2O is more positive. The REDOX reaction in the electrochemical cell which forms Cu is a spontaneous reaction where electrochemical potential energy is converted into electrical energy. This reaction produces 1.10 V under standard conditions.

Which metal is not affected by nitric acid?

Some precious metals, such as pure gold and platinum-group metals do not react with nitric acid, though pure gold does react with aqua regia, a mixture of concentrated nitric acid and hydrochloric acid.

What happens when copper reacts with nitric acid?

Copper can undergo one of two reactions when combined with nitric acid, depending on the concentration of the solution. If the nitric acid is dilute, the copper will be oxidized to form copper nitrate with nitric oxide as a byproduct.

Should dilute nitric acid react with copper?

Dilute nitric acid reacts with copper and produce copper nitrate ( Cu (NO 3) 2 ), nitric oxide (NO) and water as products. In this reaction, copper is oxidized while nitric acid is reduced to nitric oxide. After the reaction, solution which contains Cu (NO 3) 2 is blue color.

Does copper react with acid?

Copper in the pure state cannot displace hydrogen atoms from acid. But copper easily reacts with oxidizing acids like concentrated and hot sulphuric acid, nitric acid. Copper has its Latin name as Cuprum and its atomic number is 29. This metal does not react with other compounds easily. The copper atom has one single electron in its vacant shell.

What is the type of reaction between copper and nitric acid?

The reactions between copper and nitric acid are examples of oxidation-reduction reactions, where gaining electrons reduces one element and losing them oxidizes the other. Nitric acid is not only a strong acid, it is an oxidizing agent. Therefore, it can oxidize copper to Cu+2.