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What was the name of the Atlantic hurricane in 2012?

What was the name of the Atlantic hurricane in 2012?

2012 Atlantic Hurricane Season. Tropical Storm Alberto – PDF – KMZ. Tropical Storm Beryl – PDF – KMZ. Hurricane Chris – PDF – KMZ. Tropical Storm Debby – PDF – KMZ. Hurricane Ernesto – PDF – KMZ. Tropical Storm Florence – PDF – KMZ. Hurricane Gordon – PDF – KMZ. Tropical Storm Helene – PDF – KMZ.

What is the NHC tropical cyclone advisory archive?

NHC’s Tropical Cyclone Advisory Archive is the complete set of tropical cyclone text advisories and graphic images that were issued during the hurricane season.

How often does the National Hurricane Center do synoptic analysis?

Unified Surface Analysis: Depiction of synoptic features every six hours from 20S to 50N between 0W and 165W, which is a combined effort between the National Hurricane Center, the Ocean Prediction Center, the Weather Prediction Center, and the Honolulu Weather Forecast Office.

What was the most active hurricane season in the Atlantic?

The 2012 Atlantic hurricane season was the final year in a consecutive string of three very active seasons, although many of the storms were weak and short-lived. It is tied with 1887, 1995, 2010, and 2011 for the fourth-most active Atlantic hurricane season on record, with 19 tropical storms.

What was the intensity of Hurricane Michael in 2012?

At 1200 UTC on September 6, the storm reached Category 3 hurricane strength and attained its peak intensity with maximum sustained winds of 115 mph (185 km/h) and a minimum barometric pressure of 964 mbar (28.5 inHg). Michael was thus the first major hurricane of the season.

What was the name of the hurricane that hit Florida in August?

In late June and early August, Tropical Storm Debby and Hurricane Ernesto caused 10 and 13 deaths after striking Florida and the Yucatán, respectively. In mid-August, the remnants of Tropical Storm Helene killed two people after making landfall in Mexico.